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How to get into public office

I have wondered if eschewing the party system could be a way into public office. There are indiviuals who have very successfully used the write-in vote to achieve office. The link is the story of two well known American candidates that were not on their party's ballots but made it to office anyway.

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If you think Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is important, then this Political Action Committee (PAC) might be for you. They intend to assist people with science backgrounds or interest in getting elected to office, beginning with an online information session on March 14. That's 3/14.
Sign up if you are interested.

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Scientists and science inclined people running for office.
If you're part of the STEM community, this might be for you.

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Follow up to Melissa Gilbert's run for Michigan Senate
It's too bad that Melissa Gilbert had to drop out of the race due to lingering medical issues from injuries sustained in 2012.

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Another person that wants to do right by his community.
A lot of people ask me how my campaign is going. Very good, I answer. Here's my Tuesday morning calendar! #ScienceCandidate #transhumanism

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I am very interested in the history of Senator Bernie Sanders and his rise to the American Senate as an Independent candidate. But for some reason he has felt the need to run for American President as a Democratic candidate.

A question for the non-american members of this community: Are there people in your country that have been elected to office by non-conventional, non-military, means? Do you know how they did it without the backing of the major political parties?

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An elected Citizen Legislator, in Iceland. Jón Gnarr
Jón Gnarr has been a public figure most of his adult life with his comedy, TV, and music. At the height of the economic crisis he got the bright idea to fix things in his city by running for mayor. Additionally he got his friends involved and created the Best Party. They succeeded in getting a majority of votes for the mayoral position and filling other seats in their city council.
This is Jón's story of deciding to run for office, founding a new political party, and the challenges he faced in being the mayor of Reykjavik.

#JonGnarr   #Iceland   #reykjavik   #citizen   #legislator   #BestParty  

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Some states make it difficult for independent office seekers to get elected

For many years I have been curious about seeking public office but not really conforming to any of the political party dogmas. So I am interested in exploring how I might get elected.

I am a Technologist and a Creative, working in Geographic Information Systems. A great deal of my job is interfacing with the bureaucratic arm of government.

There is a great deal that happens in government that irritates and embarrasses me and I would seek to redress those situations.
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