If you guys have any new ideas fell free to tell everyone! Welcome to the new members!

First paragraph of my book:

When I heard the sound of lava brew, I knew I would die. I sat in my little temperate mining hut. I knew that I had only 2 pieces of bread left and would leave the large cave very hungry and hurt. I picked up everything I had, from my ores to my newly made iron sword. I poked my head out of the hut and saw a few bats fluttering around in the damp cave. I quickly ran out of the hut and towards a large cave opening. But, this cave opening led to a large crater that goes to the surface.  I hid behind a very large boulder and scoped out the area. I noticed a lit hut at the top of the crater only meaning one thing. Dang Notch! Witches, I thought. I grabbed my nearly damaged bow and shot and arrow straight at the hut. A witch appeared at the doorway and noticed me right away. I jumped and picked up speed. The witch started barreling potions at me while I shot arrows at her. But then it hit me. I pulled out a piece of TNT and lit it. “Cineraria Baby!” I yelled as I chucked the lit TNT at the hut. I was blown out cold when it exploded.

Read the bottom of the Google doc blog please ;]

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Ok, so for the blog, it shall be called "How To Take Your Minecraft Design To The Next Level" And we will post pictures of cool things that help make your yard/house look better and we have about 50 of thees pictures and there descriptions  :D
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How do I take off my real name? And I have actually been doing some blogging, I have been doing reviews for people! And I have had about 6 people ask me to do reviews for them, but I ran out of time cause of my server! :D
Here is the link to those blogs: http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/taz_ninja1/

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My server of 100+ people will help support us, oh, and can you sponser my server on the blog team? That would be cool, have at the end: This blog has been brought to you by, TazCraft (Then have the server banner) Just throwing out ideas! XD

So, what is the blog going to be about :P And. I say when we are making the blog we use Google docs so we can all edit it at the same time! :D


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