A new bug fix release for Count It! is on it's way. I neglected some of these bugs way too long. Sorry for that!

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I have been a bit busy lately. But nevertheless managed to upload version 1.1 a week ago.

This new version of Count It! includes widgets - a feature many of you asked for - and also has a new tab that shows all the activities of the current period.

For the next minor release I plan to include an indicator to see the current timestamp within the graph and to add a scrolling widget for all activities you track.

For the next major release I plan to include a whole set of new graphs to see your progress for a longer period than just the current day, week or month.

Sorry, everyone! Was busy hacking away on another app and ignored L for Count It! for too long.

Now with Android L out there, notifications are not working as they should.

I hope I can provide a fix for that after the weekend.

I need help with translating the short description into the languages Count It! currently supports:

It's just this short text:
"Keep track of your goals and habits.
Just Count It whenever you do it!"

Google Play demands the text to be 80 characters or less!

Any takers for translating them to Dutch, French, Italian or Spanish ?


I think a calendar view would be helpful for monthly goal and week view for week goal :)

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Interesting distribution for Count It!

Thanks to +Aldo Borrero for translating the app into Spanish and to +El Androide Libre for their review.

If anyone wants to contribute another translation to see his or her country move up in the stats, I'd be more than happy to provide the necessary resources :-)

Right now French is in Beta and Dutch, German and Spanish are completely translated (thanks to +Benoit Duffez, +Martin van Z and +Gabriele Mariotti) .

BTW: The developer console is always lagging some days. So these stats are as of June, 30th.

The Up Button doesn't feel right. Do you use reorder to front? Have you defined the parentActivity in the AndroidManifest.xml

The soft keyboard submit key doesn't create a new `count it activity` while typing in the EditText field.

Another feature request: GMail like delete (with undo). Will implement that, but not in the next version.

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Count It! is available on Google Play.

If you find any bugs, try to use the the built in "Send feedback" menu item  Unless you delete those parts, it adds some information about your device which might help me to track down the bug. Of course you can also report them here.
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