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Forgot to add this to CP student application vv This is what Valenthia looks like.
~Midnight blue hair
~Silver wolf ears

Name: Valenthia
Cp name: Silencing Shadow
Age: 16
Gender: Female.
Weapons: Elven crossbow w/ poisoned arrows; Dark magic; Enchanted Mace
Personality: Feisty; Humorous; Ant-Social
Likes: Dark Magic; Chaos; Darkness; Twin Brother > Gareth
Dislikes: Justice and Mercy; Mortals; School
Despises: Other Demons; Her older sister
Bio: She never knew her parents. The only person she let get close to her was her twin brother, Gareth. When they entered grade school, they both kept to themselves and didn't talk. Then, one day on the way home, both Gareth and Valenthia were hit by a car, killing them. They returned alive four years later, ready for revenge. Having nowhere to live, Clockwork took them in as her own. High school was coming for the twins and Clock had the perfect school. She sent them to Creepypasta High...
Catchphrase: "Masters not gonna like this" & "Told ya so"
How she kills: 1.She glitches behind her victim and stabs them with either a poison arrow or her Enchanted Mace
2.She keeps her distance and when you're least expecting it, you're struck by her invincible dark magic.
More Info: She's crushing on BEN drowned; She has trust problems; She doesn't leave her twin's side; She's completely insane; Anti-Social; Has a pet: Underworld Saber;

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Name: Eileen.
Cp name: No Remorse.
Age: 17.
Gender: Female.
Weapons: Her magic, & her Magic staff.
Personality: Sweet, & Yandere.
Likes: Magic, Blood, The Supernatural, Chara & Adam.
Dislikes: Mercy, Wren, Perverts & Video Games.
Despises: Carnegie, Duchess, & Any Dog.
Bio: She hated it, Her parents had no Remorse for the pain they caused her, She was bullied, abused, cause she believed in the Supernatural, the only one who cared was her cat, one day after getting shot in the chest, after her death, she became indestructible. She killed everyone, Her mom, her dad, her newborn sister, & her 9 year old brother, except her cat. She even murdered her own dogs. She hated children. She hated dogs. She is untouchable, unkillable, & unmistakable Smart.
Catchphrase: "There will be no Remorse for your actions, No one is Innocent!"
How she kills: You can never tell. She's unpredictable.

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