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" Hello! Welcome to • Scarce • Wolf RP, I am Absentha, I am a Husky and I will be your host or guidance around this new terrain recently found. Below are a few things you should remember and/or know. Don't worry young one, we're all a little crazy in the head.. just don't run in the woods at night or be up past your curfew. I warn. "


Be respectful to your peers, we all want to get along here, this rule applied to us all, including mods/Owner's such as Myself

Do not Role-play without an approved Profile by me or a co-owner/Mod of some sort, check the mods/owner's in the community bar if someone else approves your profile besides one of us, then let me know if they aren't on the list with their username.

You may NOT Kill another's Character without their permission first.

You MUST ask for a high/lead rank by me or the Alpha of that Pack.

Do NOT ask to be Mod or Owner. It's annoying.

Please ASK to make a pack of your own, with it you must have four others who are willing to join the pack, NOT just as you own four OCS but four others-

You may only have 5 Wolf Characters / 2 Bird Characters, the bird species doesn't matter but, it must be a reasonable type (Falcon, Hawk, Crow, Raven, etc...) Not (Chicken, Pigeon, Sparrow, etc...) Or else I will taken away this feature with the norm only Owl and Raven's Bird's.

Alphas can combine packs, though it must be only one Alpha male and Alpha Female and they must become mates.

Powers are Allowed as well as a surplus of tails, any type of looks just no Wings. (Spikes, dog/wolf fashion, feather's, etc just no Wings whatsoever) //also Read in notes as to how power's and such works.

Please determine your wolf's/Dog's Specie below (No not the literal Specie of Dog/Wolf breed just a few made up for this Community)

❌ _There are No claims here, anyone can is the same wolf/dog
Claim if they'd want. So as long as they don't have similarities in everything as your Characters characteristics in their own._

Please keep Cussing to a minimum, and no explict Role-play, Force-mating isn't aloud to be mentioned either just use something or whatever like impregnated. (meaning no sexual Role-playing, or Forced-relations is aloud here, unless kept in an Private Post)

No god-modding//controlling another's character.


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