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dears! Yeah, its me Erin. 8)
I wanted to let everyone know a few things;

1): We have a MEP going on that currently needs filled. It would be super great if you would help us fill it!

2): SKYPE WE HAVE SKYPE GROUPS. ouo / If you have a Skype and ARE NOT added to the group, please let us know! You can add me to Skype {Synoxie} or if you can't find me, reply with your username & I'll add you!

Aaaaaaaaaaaand that's all I have for right now, if anyone is interested in having a Banner / Icon we need to know what rep character you have. Each banner will be the color of the character So.
Example: Madoka - Pink | Mami - Yellow | Homura - Purple, etc.

Enjoy loves! Thank you for being a beautiful part of PMMMStudios. <3
- Erin

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THIS IS FOR THE MEP AFTER "Scars" PLEASE VOTE! Your opinion matters!

Guys! Please remember we have a MEP opened & we have a voting going on for the NEXT MEP! O: !!

After this next MEP - we will be doing PMMM songs!!! I want to be able to do them ALL. We'll switch it up occasionally with other songs too. xD

If anyone has opinions, pls tell me! - - -
Or if anyone has suggestions, please let me know!
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