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~ok so im thinking of adding a Karaoke section so if anyone wants to start a rp with a song they like i dont know just an idea let me know if i should comment if i should thanks~

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Thanks for letting my join my name is Ren Hauringu-on

Sits in the hot tub

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Hey everyone I know I don't post here alot but someone I know wants to do a furry/human zombie apocalypse and we are looking for 3 more people to join. There is going to be some heavier romance as it goes on but over all the RP is a serious RP. Any takers?

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Name: Prince Anubarislav/Anubistan Jangurrah

Age: 20(human-years)

SO: Gay af

Likes: Fangmayhr and RexWolf, Fangmayhr and I's Son, being an Artist

Dislikes: Females wanting me as their Mate, Nazi'ism, Communism(the bad-side to it)

Bio: being a Cool Anubial is awesome but he's always looking for the next adventure with his two Mates and Prince Shnitzel Verascoza
Photo 1: Anubarislav after he died his fur

Photo 2: the Symbol of the Anubials

Photo 3: Anubistan after he crawled out of hell

Photo 4: Anubis Jangur Ma'at(the last Emperor of the Southern and Eastern half of the AUAE(Arusianese-United-Austinian-Emirates))
Anubis and his Son
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Heads to my room and starts to play on my laptop while laying on my bed until you...... ((open rp))

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Name: Ezio

Age: 18

Gender: male

Sexuality: straight

Likes: girls guns ATV's love car's animals racing

Dislikes: rape futas bully's abuser's

Personality: fun cool sweet kind nice

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Thanks for accepting me here my name is ren
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Every weeknight, Niko would invite his friends to play a high-stakes game of Texas Hold 'em. Tonight, he said that the game would be cancelled. But after everyone left, he told (Y/N) to come by next week. No friends, just him.

A week later, (Y/N) entered the dark room. The green, felt table, illuminated by a single light in the very finely decorated bedroom called to him. (Y/N) slowly sat down and smiled. Niko, the large figure at the other end of the table, smiled his wolfish grin in response. "Tonight, we have some...interesting buy-ins~" He smiled and flicked the ashes off from the Cuban cigar that was held tightly between his lips. He put a small bundle of cash on the table "I'll make a deal: if you beat me, I'll pay you $50k. Right here. If I win...I get to keep you as a breeder~ Deal?~" (Y/N) nodded slowly. He always had feelings for Niko, but he never expressed his feelings to him. Niko dealt the cards out and looked at his hand. "No folding~" He pushed a $50k chip to the pot "I play." Then (Y/N) raised it, watching Niko's moves carefully. Niko, feeling cocky, pushed all his chips to the center. "All in." (Y/N) stared in amazement, then decided to show off by going all in. Then came the flop. The dealerbot shot 3 cards onto the table. Then followed by another card. And one final card. Niko smirked as he saw (Y/N)'s cards. "Looks like my Royal Flush beats your Full House~" Niko chuckled and sat on the bed "Well?~"
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