Name: Vanessa Sui Rowlston
Age: 27
Gander: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Short-tempered, cocky
Skills: Pyrotechnics, gun works, wilderness survival
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 122lbs
Hair color: Blonde
Skin tone: Pale
Usual attire: Rust-colored cropped tank top, camouflage short-shorts, brown combat boots, black fingerless combat gloves
Priercings: Lip - lower left
Occupation: Gunsmith
Backstory: Originated in Germany, she has a sharp accent. She had travelled from Germany to Russia, then Japan, and finally America where she still resides.

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Name: Mr.Reaper (Azrael Grim III)
Appearance: Pale skin, brown hair, and usually have a moody face expression. Black trench coat with sometimes a hood worn under it. Skull related jewelry are seen.
Background: Born as a heir of Necrom. His father, Death (Azrael Grim II), left the family to join the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. His half Banshee mother is never there for him. His brother, Sirux Grim, tried to start a rebellion with his many friends but they were quickly cut down by Lord Grim and Sirux was banished to an voidful dimension with one leg. Azrael was stuck with Lord Grim, his grandfather, mentoring him.

Once Mr. Reaper grown up. He studied the arts of Necromancy, and even kept a lab in his courters. He now runs errands and hunting down HoNk_LorD, his confused rogue piece of soul that contain the hate he builds from his childhood in the form of a clown.
Age: 2134 years
Skills: Necromancy, scythe-wielding, some Leadership skills can be revealed at times.
Powers:Soul-bending, and Soul-reaping.
Weapons: A black bladed scythe, and a Skull Revolver.
Relatives/ Friends: Lord Grim (Ruler over Necrom and grandfather), Sirux Grim (Ignorant and over religious older brother), Deakius Silver-Star (MrReaper's only normal friend), Raiden Blending-Greeds (an annoying and greedy friend of MrReaper's), and Slityr Grim (MrReaper's half Banshee, and half Reaper mother).

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Name: "Lil' Miss No-Name" or "Lil' Miss"
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Likes: Bombs
Dislikes: People
Skills: Building & disarming bombs, knife throwing
Personality: Shy, kind
Bio: Unknown

Name: "Miss" or "Missy"
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Likes: Lil' Miss
Dislikes: Anyone wo hurts Lil' Miss
Skills: Blacksmith, gunsmith
Personality: Kind, calm
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