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Rank: [will be given once approved]

Branch of the military:

Side: (Alpha is bad Delta is good)


Appearance: down below


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Rank: Sergeant

Branch of the military:USMC




Bio:Jason is a USMC sniper with artillery training. He hunted back at his home in texas netting himself as a sniper. Now he only wants to finish his time and get home.

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Afghanistan 2:36 pm your surrounded one radio call happened 30 seconds later you hear your radio say hold out for another 20 seconds you will be OK you hear artillery shells being fired

I was walking around the base examining and taking mental notes he seemed to be preparing something but it wasn't for certain a shot rang out and he looked out to were the shot sounded a failed fire you had missed but you got up holding a pistol to my head Shade:....explain

(Open rp +Annabelle Zolman)

Damien was on his back under a jeep, swearing angrily under his breath in Russian Cannot fix you without correct parts! Damn! There's a clang, and he laughs victoriously I have bested you again! You walk over, and...

Name: Dusban Raybin
Height: 5'6
Weapon: M1 garand and M4581 close quarter pistol
Appearance: The picture below (no copyright intended)
Bio: Dusban came from a pacifistic sort of background, when he was younger he would get pushed around by people. He always tried to isolate himself from people because he thought nobody even cared for him but one day when he was walking home from Elementary school a group of boys ganged up on him and started mugging and hurting him. Luckily a girl by the name of Natalie Colson came out of nowhere and beat up the group of boys that were bulling Dusban. After that incident Dusban and Natalie became best friends. One day in a November a terrorist group invaded the city where Dusban and Natalie. Dusban had just turned 21 and Natalie was 22, Natalie and Dusban were about to get groceries until they heard tanks, screaming, gunshots and explosions. They look down the street and see a whole army storming the neighborhood. They raided houses and took people, took their belongings and if you gave them a hard time they would end up killing you. Dusban and Natalie were spotted and five soldiers came after them. Dusban and Natalie started to run away but Natalie tripped on a crack in the ground, Dusban tried to get her but the soldiers had already caught up to Natalie. Dusban tried to fight the soliders but one of them pulled out his pistol and shot Dusban, the only thing Dusban could hear was Natalie yelling out "NO!" before he passed out. Later he wakes up and finds everything destroyed and a hole in his chest. He runs around the ruins trying to find Natalie but realizes that she got taken away. He sheded a few tears and said "I-I can't let them do this. They will pay...they will pay!"

This is Dusban's story.
Military RP, the RP way to be.

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Shane was outside sleeping in the sand as a couple people walked up and poked him with rifles +Shiro Usagi +katana lunar

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Name: Slade "hands" Django

Age: 17

Height: 7'5"

Weapon: anything i can get my god given hands on

Rank: [will be given once approved]

Branch of the military:

Side: (Alpha is bad Delta is good) Delta

Crush: unidentified

Appearance: down below

Bio: Two years previous to joining i had just awoken from a coma, minor accident conserning a donut and an 18 Wheeler, so i dont know much about myself except what the hospital tells me. I do however know that my parents both died in the military ... Their tags were hand delivered to the hospital along with a letter for when i woke up. Scince i woke from the coma ive always had an urge to kill and an aura of bloodlust. Now im here... Not much more to tell.

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Weapon:sniper rifle


Branch of military:.....

Side:(Alpha bad delta good)Alpha


Appearance:down below

Bio:her and lunar are sisters and were sent here together

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Name: Violet Winchester

Age: 23

Height: 5'7

Weapon: AK-47

Branch: Former German Captain, Transfered to American Air Force

Side: Delta

Crush: N/A

Bio: Not found in Records
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