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List of force powers. Useful for when you make your profile.

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We need to get this place up and running. Post roleplays and profiles, guys.

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Skyzor arrives on Cato Nemodia, hunting down the source of the massive amount of force energy. He is hoping to be able to find a new apprentice.

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My apprentice will be a moderator. I need someone who can follow the rules to the letter, and enforce them.
So, Darth Traya's apprentice is open.


Required Information:

Force Sensitive: Yes

Side: Dark

Sith Ranking: Apprentice

Sith Title: None yet.

Force Powers: ((You will learn more.)) Force grip, force choke, force push, force lightning, force repulse.

Thanks for letting me join! Man you know how long ive been trying to look for a good star wars community!

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Skyzor/Traya's Starship

Name: Paladin

Type: StarFighter

Lightspeed: Yes

Cannon Power: 7.5

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Name: Skyzor Abeloth

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Homeworld: Tatooine

Force Sensitive: Yes

Side: Dark

Force Abilities: Lightning (All Variations), Force Concealment, Force Push (And all variations), Force Grip, Mind Trick, Force Alterimage (appearance change), Force Storm (Wormhole), Force Alchemy, Pyrokinesis, Levitation, Force Illusion, Force Deflection, Force Heal

Sith Ranking: Sith Lord

Apprentice: Open

Sith Lord Title: Darth Traya II

Weapon Of Choice: Two Pitch Black Lightsabers

Bio: Darth Traya The Second, or simply Lord Traya, was born into a wealthy family on Tatooine. Being the child of a senator, he was easily noticed. He developed his powers at a young age, and was found by an unnamed Sith Lord, and trained. He killed his master, and took his place as dark lord of the Sith.

Can i make Starkiller?
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