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"Since this place was founded by one of Anna's friends Sash Lilac The Sexy Dragon, I decided to test the owners' personality there, by under the name of Internet Rebel request to join, as we are the fairness and stands for anti-godmod, I calling everyone, we must stay tuned to see did they approved Rebel or banned him instead, so we can see is that Lilac a godmod? Will Rebel be approved as member, or will be banned just because the owner Lilac hates him instead of violating any kind of rules yet?"
Lilac Summer Party
Lilac Summer Party

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hi guys amy here

//So it turns to my attention that thot has been accepted into the second community, and now our attention has been forced to turn against another thot.
What irony is this? Did we decide to forgive the thot that hurt many people including me in the past?! This is absolutely not acceptable!
Why do they not understand?!?!?!

What ever happened to to her?

tHot detected

extermination activated

bEgone tHot


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//Ok wtf? I find this very offensive

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//Can I just rant here?
I'm so fucking down rn. Like, I can't put up with this shit anymore.
I can't deal with this dumbass thot anymore. She's just too much to handle. Like WAY too much. She doesn't even realize how retarded she is. How does she not see the point in coming back and even play the stupid Roblox game. like come on, get real already...

I just want her to die...
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