Hi Guys and, Gals?

Maybe its age but I am getting a bit confused. Which is going to be the official RaDAR reflector?

We still have the Google+ community working for a few more weeks? The excellent Groups IO RaDAR site is very user friendly, and now the MeWe proposition.

I see HFpack had a move from Yahoo to GroupsIO, but the Yahoo site seems to still be in operation in parallel and is the more popular.

Apologies for appearing grumpy.

All the best for 2019

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This video published on December 2014 have touched my heart.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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My rant the other day on my Blog is nothing compared to this excellent writeup!!!

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Google+ Shut Down information

Here is a special Google+ community referring the shut down infomation:


Hello everyone, it is a pity that Google+ will close already in April 2019!

As a serious alternative for all Ham Radio communities I can only recommend "MeWe".
There is already a general size Ham Radio groupe.
The usual special ham radio communities here on G+ can setup easily at WeMe.
Pleasy Check .

Vy 73 de Manfred, DJ1SJ

PS.: You can download the app at the Playstore

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Today I made a prototype paper clip CW paddle. It works very well. Next is a very light weight portable one for the QRP / QRPp rigs.

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Just finished Four Square QRP’s new radio. Hilltopper 40. Really fun build and was surprised to see an Atmel Arduino inside. The receiver is great and tells you the frequency in cw. Also it is PLL so you can tune all over. 5w output. The chassis is quite clever and durable. It is made of PCB ground plane boards that solder together. No RF leaks with this one and well protected from desktop zaps.

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Inter continental, RaDAR to RaDAR (R2R) is possible ..... Remember Greg :)
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