Need some help on my new server.
Server ID :
Server Port : 57281

i would like my people sharing aboud this new game

Original minecraft:

Let's one of our character we made up.
For instance I'll make up some names, but you are welcome to change those names.

Aaron, a teenage boy who always interested in history, or was, after the terrible/horrifying/scariest experience he had with history, and one of the most famous history tales. Herobrine!
Aaron, when he saw the tales, he didn't know if they were true so he decided not to believe in it. But, Aaron's good friend and only friend, Thomas. Finds a cave in the mountain. Of course, Thomas is always getting into trouble and is one of the most popular kids in the village. He decides to go into the cave to show off, but of course he went with a group, but Thomas couldn't but notice Aaron just staying his house all day with no friends other them him. So he tries to convince Aaron to go.

Aaron gives in and goes. Not because of the popularity, because he was annoyed and besides, what's wrong with a cave. The group go in and everything's chill. Until something went wrong. The lead boy, who promised to sneak them in there, lost his way around cause he's never been inside the cave for that long and that deep. People are getting mad and sad. So they do all they can to try find a way out.

Something stops them in midway. Red torches keep appearing, fires keep appearing, and one time they even saw a head. They even saw figures running away or hiding around. Aaron always feels like something is watching them.
Signs kept appearing. Aaron recognized something, fires, red stone torches, signs, figures. That happens when herobrine is just getting you frightened and is just the start. Now Aaron and Thomas stick together and try to do everything they can to keep the group safe.

This is just the start, there's more to the story and that's where they're outside but I just decided to do the cave part for now.

Since no ones helping +Star Shine, I will,

Oh also Star shine, if this is a real roleplay we are going on, then I'd be glad to be a character and also make scripts. I promise that my spelling isn't great but my stories are always enjoyable.

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Hi would anyone like to help me with a rp?
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