I'm bored does any female want to rp 

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I know she isn't MLP related, but I think that she could be used to breed with them. This is my first ever xenomorph queen oc, so I really don't want her rejected because she's not MLP related. Please know that she is very dominate & her alien abilities are for pleasure & not harm. Like the facehugger & the chest buster, both give some stimulation of pleasure. Tail may be sharp, but it's not full of poison, like in the movies, but at like a second cock. Anyways, here's Sarah's reference sheet.

Name: Sarah

Age: unknown

Gender: female

Species: Xenomorph queen

Appearance: four breasts, large sheathed cock, and four arms. Looks extremely damn sexy.

Turn ons: submissive, slutty, girls who love it rough, being talked dirty to, absolutely loves getting pissed on, her cock only, and loves pissing on her mates, along with Vore, as long as her mate drinks her purple potion.

Turn offs: scat, diaper fetish, being treated like shit, being hit, being called a whore, and more that I don't feel like listing.

Brief bio: Sarah was made in a laboratory where scientists wanted her to be different from xenomorphs, and it worked. She became the first ever sex driven friendly xenomorph queen. In the end of the experiment, she had gotten four triple D's, a nearly 2 foot long cock, the dampest pussy ever, and she is currently single, and in need of new mates to breed with. She is both Dom & sub. Pics of her without her cock & her extra set of breasts, are when she wants to be a normal xenomorph queen.

Please don't reject her because she isn't MLP related.
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I'm bored does any one wants to rp 

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Name : scorch

Age : 23

Gender : male

Species : dragon

Sexuality :straight

Like : like to eat gems and like hot mare's

Dislike : hate jerks and hate when other are being rude

Turns on : rough sex

Turns off : futa


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Name - Blue Bolt

Age - Nineteen

Birthday - May 14

Likes - Food, fun and flying fast

Dislikes - mean ponies and scat

Personality - Cocky, talkative and flirty

Bio - Is a wonderbolt captain

ʀaċɛ - Pegasus

(she's mean't to have gold/yellow eyes)
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Name: Rap Beats
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Turn-Ons: When a girl shows her pussy and being asked for a "special" time~
Turn-Offs: Scat (piss is fine), rape, vore, gore, and abuse

(Females, don't be afraid to pp me for rp~~)
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Name:Mikey (or lightning rider)
Species: Cyborg Pegasus (with a human form)
Turn ons: Big tits, thick ass, bat ponies, bondage to to self (sometimes)
Turn offs: Scat, vore, piss, foalcon, tentacles
(he has the ability to use biometals)

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Name: Flarix Blackflare

Age: 18

Sexuality: Bi


enters the club, hearing some jobs are available

Star Fly.

Age: 26

Role: watcher or something.

Likes: candy, food, beer. And pussy and ass.

Favorite: chocolate, and nipe fucks. Dont ask why. Oh, and futa.

Dislikes: any disgusting fetishes.

Bio: no.

Favorite activities: fucking any male or female in the ass. And playing games.

Things that scare him: being forgotten, death, scary movies and games. 60 inch cocks, like a dragons.

(Idk what else to add.)
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