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She took +Axel Namikaze-Blazes hand, leading quickly and impatiently towards the master bedroom located within the kage manor. Her breathing was quick and erratic, showing none of her normal control. In fact she was trembling gently in his grasp, like a bomb about to explode

oh god axel... I thought i might lose it before you returned home.

She stopped inside closing the door quickly as she grasped the hem of her shift pulling it over her head and tossing it to the floor. Romantics were gone, leaving only an almost all consuming need in it's wake. She turned seating herself on the edge of the bed crossing her legs in what she hoped was an appealing manner, waiting for him to follow suite

Your move my love

(Forgive me if it's a bit short. I find i do my best sensual rps late at night)

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She threw herself onto the bed with a huff, her latest work out session not even enough to cause her to break into a sweat. She sighed closing her eyes as her mind wandered, having worked off none of the building steam inside herself and she turned and thrust her face into her pillow

Nothing is working! I just can't stop thinking about that night!!

As if by magic the mere moment the words passed her lips a flame ignited in her lower belly, causing her to gasp slightly. she slowly turned to face the ceiling her eyes dropping to a half mast. her right hand wandered upwards slowly to rest just below her breasts as her breathing deepened

Yeah....that night...

She sank deeper into the memory an aching feeling echoing through her core. She wanted more.. no needed more. that night had brought out something she hadn't even realized she was missing out on these past 160 years. With another gasp her eyes shot open as she realized her right hand had once again slowly lifted itself and had begun gently massaging her left breast through her tank top.

A pleasured sigh slipped from her lips as she continued her motions becoming more intense as she unconsciously sought out more pleasure. Growing impatient she sat up pulling her top and bra off to allow direct access to them. Continuing from where she left off she began massaging them again, almost with an aggression as she whimpered clenching her legs together. Her left hand slid downwards, dancing around her lower stomach and skimming along her pantyline. with a low moan she slide her finger along the outer lips bucking her hips ever so slightly, gripping her breast almost brutally with her other. the pain signals quickly turned to pleasure and a faint wet spot slowly appeared on her underwear. she continued teasing herself for a few more moments till it became unbearable pressing her palm against the small bundle of nerves located above her womanhood, all the while continuing to rub it with increasing vigor


Stars danced in her eyes as she arched her back hard, her rear losing contact with the mattress as she bucked upwards against her hand, the sensitivity of her clit driving her wild. Her breathing quickly became pants coupled with moans, sweat began dripping down her face pooling in the valley between her breasts, which were beginning to look rather red from the abuse thrust upon them. She quickly transferred her hand to the other one pulling ever so slightly on it as she groaned hard, pressing harder against the tiny nub between her legs

She began shaking involuntarily bucking against the hand, her face quickly turning the kind of red reserved for plants and fruits as her eyes clenched shut. she hurried her motions, sensing a massive wave building inside her core, which could burst her dam at any moment. tears appeared in her eyes as she released her breast from her right hand reaching down to tweak that bundle of nerves again.

I..... I'm!... I'M!!

With a scream she came, dousing her panties in a warm liquid, her back arching even further off the bed, her toes curling in on themselves as her legs instinctively trembled and shook, her muscles straining in an entirely new way as her body released everything, pooling onto the bed leaving a small spot'

A strangled whimper escaped her as her body dropped to the bed going limp. She allowed her hands to fall to the side as she lay there for several moments waiting for the world to stop spinning. She slowly sat up, feeling better than she had in a 100 years before sensing someone with Axel

As she stood adjusting her clothes to be presentable, a low heat returned to her core as she gasped, forcing it down as she walked out the door realizing she would have to finish later

I... need more... i need it.

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I impatiently wait for my other half to join me in our quaters, I wasn't going to let him back down on what he said. I grab the file I had a clone drop off earlier of the medical files, I grab my pen and scratch down a few notes on a page, I sigh and slouch down in my chair staring up at the notes
( +Kazashi Kenzo​)
(Sorry found a few fan arta I want to tweek to use in rp :p)


There are some edits to the Hentai Comm if anyone is interested in knowing

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\\ The Long Awaited Night \\

+Vega-Hræsveglr Yõganju 

It was a clear night. Vega was lying in bed, looking off into nothing. She had been lost in thought for the longest time until the sound of her husband coming into the room snapped her back into reality. She didn't make a move as she felt him slip into bed and move up closer to her. His hand moved up to brush Vega's hair, his breath lightly messing up her hair. Only for a gentle kiss to be placed on the females neck. His other hand would find itself caressing his lover's thighs only for Minato to kiss up her neck until he'd reach her ear and lightly whisper.

"You seem a little distracted, my love. Is it ok if I take you away from your thoughts?"

Hed ask moving his hands gently onto her stomach rubbing it lightly with his fingers. A gentle kiss would be planted on Veg's cheek only for Minato to grab Vega rotating her body causing their eyes to meet. The moonlight from outside would make its way into the room illuminating Vega's gorgeous grey eyes. A light blush forming on the Fourths face as he'd lean in and passionately kiss his wife. Only to pull away and look into her eyes a loving smile and bright blush expressed on the males face.

"I love you so much Vega I'm so glad to have you back in my life. I want to show you that you're still the center of my life. I make love with you tonight Vega."

The moment those words escape Yondaime's mouth his face would turn a bright red only for him to close his eyes in hesitation. He knew love was for special occasions although he felt it had been far too long since the two had made love. He wanted his wife more than anything else the last time they'd done it was when they conceived Kaito. Minato had waited far too long and felt that today was the day.

Jinan changed in the changing room before heading into the hot spring with a towel. Unfurling it, he got into the water and set the towel on top of the water where his privates were. He sighed in relief having not been in a hot spring for a really long time and remembering just about every single time he went with Persephone with a smile

(+Persephone Kore)

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This is my reaction to the long list of people waiting to be approved for this part pf the com. Damn why didnt yall take care of it lol im only joking
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+Persephone Kore continue here
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Persephone rocked the cradle where Azumi laid to rest. Persephone smiled never really feeling like a mother figure before but it could havr just been like that since she was still considered a child and didn't know the maturity and responsibilities she would have to endure. However, she wasn't alone and was happy she created this unique child with someone that was her soulmate.

Azumi, I promise to keep you safe just like my parents did for me.

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//flash back//
after that time oyashiro has already cleaned up the mess of anba and his princess, oyashiro has put on their clothes and places then on the bed sleeping together he then deactivates back into anba and falls back to sleep hugging hana in the process
*morning has struck, both of then which could possibly have blurred memories of that night*

they both are on the large bed of hana's in the senju compound
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