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i was a spirit fox able to travel to any universe in the world I was chased down by the demons of shadows the feed on the fear inside of ones heart. I was on earth for a reason but I didn't know what it was I got badly hurt by those creatures they were about to finish me off until you come in and tried to kill them but they were getting away cause the sun was raising. you turned around to see me as a girl with a pretty bad cut and wounds all over my body so you...
((boy rp needed))
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For everyones uses

Im a human 17yr old(you can change the age) human and you are a succubus, me being a nerd and all has prevented me from a girlfriend and losing my virginity. I came across an old book in the libarry on how to summon a succubus, i was curious and desprate to lose my virginity so i stayed late after school and summoned you, when i summon you i was way to shy to ask you take my virginity so i end up asking you to be my girlfriend but you didnt believe that so look inside my heart and saw my deepest desire and decide to take advantage of me. So you decided to turn me into your sex slave and rape me in exchange to be my girlfriend.
^^ I H♡PE Y♡U ENJ♡Y ^^
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We were old friends and you always liked me but I never liked you more than a friend, so then you asked one of your other friends what to do if a girl doesn't like you. He said jokingly "You kidnap her and rape her." But he was joking but you still wanted to try and the next morning I wake up in a room with a dim light strapped up to a stand. I was in your basement and you started walking down the stairs...

(You can go ahead and either do it here or you have to make a PP)
(You obviously have to be dominant but the gender doesn't matter)
(You can do almost anything to me)

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We're childhood friends and we have a secret that no one knows of, since we were young we been intrested in each other body, so we started by playing sex games, when we use to take bath together we would touch each other, we couldn't help but yern for more of each other bodies that we enjoy. As time pass we grow together, we started having sex, and when that got boring we trying doing it in many different ways. One day you found out about BDSM (Bondage, Disipline, Sadist and Masacist) you wanted to try it out since my parents were out on a vacation, I said why not I all so was interested in this since u seem so excited. You later gave into this and I couldn't say didnt, we started getting more reckless, we would skip class to have sex, during break we would go see each other, we would even do it during class. We just couldn't help ever since the day we tried out BDSM, but something been bothering me, when guys start trying to get close to her it pisses me off, but we're nothing but sex friends, but sometimes I feel like we're not just sex friends I don't how to explain, i just want to be with her. Later that day we met on top of the school like the usaul but something about her was different my heart flutter when i saw her i wonder wat was this feeling was bc we didnt do in the morning but right know i just want to me her feel good.



I walked the long empty road. I walked day and night. The 5th day I sat. I felt alone in this big world. I heard a voice behind me. (Male needed. Sorry for short starter.)

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Oola is a young Twi'lek slave girl who only wanted to dance to her heart's content. One day, she was offered the chance to dance for royalty. She jumped at the offer and left home. Then, the men who took her to her new home force Oola to wear an outfit made of fishnets and some leather. Everything about her outfit is meant to make her feel uncomfortable and humiliated. After being given this outfit and having a leash put on her, Oola was dragged away in an unidentified vehicle Now, she is being auctioned off in front of everyone in the busy shopping district.

Seller: Green slave for sale. She can dance and she can use her body for other things.


Be descriptive. At least write 2-3 lines. I know that may be different when you're typing from your phone, but don't reply with a simple one word like "groans".

Use proper grammar. I'm not asking you to be perfect, but at least read what you're writing and ask if it genuinely looks legible. Also, no text talk and no emoji. I mean, what person says "equal sign three" in real life?

This isn't specifically hentai, but if it goes there, at least wait a bit. I mean, buy the girl and then maybe buy her a drink first. And there's a sneak peak of my bad humor.

If there will be hentai, I do not want to see gore, vore, feces, urine, bugs or anything that harms eyeballs. I have my turn-offs like any perv.
Gender and species doesn't matter so much, but if this was a full-on Star Wars rp, that'd be pretty cool.

Type Green Dancer if you read everything and will actually bother to look at what I want in a role play partner. I only add these parts at the end so I don't get partners who just write one line like "I came". Came where? I mean, did you pull-out or keep it in or what?

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Name Theta
Age 15
Gender Male
Crush: None
Theme Song: Headstrong by Trapt
Species hybrid dragon
Weapon sword scythe cross
Personality: Humerous and joker shy, and playful, tries to be nice
Bio: I've been through hell more times than anyone in the world yet, I put on a smile, daily
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Age: 8000,000
Wisdom: very inelegant
Likes: gold, killing , taking over things and time to time destroying cities
Hate: every thing else
Behaviour: evil and cunning. Loves to belittle and betray and trick people to get what he wants. Breaths fire. Tamable witch is hard
Family: last of his kind
Satus: alone and sad
Back story: SECRET!!!!!
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Thanks for the invite. Hope this pic isn't censored by Google Plus. 

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Thank you so much +Anarchy 669 who i cant tag for some reason 
you are my moms friend and me and you have been having sex one day my mom came home early and found us in the jacoozie and she didn't sayanything till you saw her fingering herself then you...  (the pic on the left is moms friend the one one on the right is my mom need two girls or one to play both for this rp reposts will happen if asked)
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