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//Name: Asuna Karin

//Nickname(s): Karin-chan, Asuna-chan

//Species(Human/Magical Girl/Boy): Magical Girl

//Wish: To be immortal

//Power(Usually goes along with wish): Controlling life or death

//Weapon(s): Dual katanas

//Bio: Karin became a magical girl at a very young age, therefore is one of the strongest. She and Kyoko were in grade school together before Karin moved.

//Quote(s): "You're not trying your best, are you?"

//Appearance -

Hair: Silver
Eyes: Silver

This is my OC if this could be approved that would be great!
Name: Okane Hiri
Status: Magical Girl
Outfit: A Black off the shoulder dress, White tights,Black Flats, Wears a Peach Ribbon She fights with a cross bow.
Bio: Growing up Okane lived a grand life. She had the world at her finger tips.Until one day that was ripped away from her. Her father went bankrupt. Okane was sent at only 13 years to live on her own. She bought and apartment with the money her mother sent her off with. She dearly missed her lavish life style so she made a wish and formed a contract her wish was all the money she could ever want.

BTW My OC (Okane) is killable but i would prefer if she wasnt

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Name: Kina Glacier
Age: 16
Personality: Shy, Timid
Race/Status: Human (Not a magic girl yet)
Bio: long ago when she was six, she made a friend at school. Her name way Yume Koko. We had a lot of good, happy memories, and then, when she was 10, a new girl joined the class, a really kind girl named Marnie Kamasika. She and Marnie became friends, and they began hanging out together, so much that Time got jealous. So jealous that in fact, not only did she murder Marnie's parents, but Kina's parents, too. Now she is 16, and lives alone in an apartment with Marnie, her younger twins; Kyo (brother) and Rin (sister). She is really shy ever since, she just transferred to Mitarihaka, her new school.

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Name: Kyubon
Age: N/A
Gender: Female
Status: Incubator
Bio (sorry if its not long!): An incubator and Kyubey's closest relative. One of the fee incubators with the disorder that is called "emotions". That is what makes Kyubon unique, and at the same time, more vulnerable. Sister Kyuren turned evil very early, turning into Kyu-Sama. She is younger than Kyubey.

(All other template info applies to magic girls)
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I'm Feeling lonely...

Name: Enderess Dragonsoul
Age: 13
Gender: Girl
Affiliation: Magical Girl
Death: No
NDE: Yes
Nickname: Masked Mercy
Favorite food: Shrimp Tempura
Favorite candy: KitKat
Weapon(s): Mainly using plain magic; (orbs, strikes, etc.) She also carries a Black, purple and silver scythe, and double blade, poison tipped daggers. She prefers a sword as a secondary weapon.
Wish: Unknown
Favorite Video Game: Minecraft
School: (formerly) Deathrose- Combat School; (currently)Mitakihara Middle School

Appearance: (pic will be added) Enderess has dark purple hair, with a black streak. She wears a black and purple sleeveless dress. She is also wearing a silver headdress, with a crystal moon inside of it. It is cursed, meaning it can't be removed. She has black feathered wings. She is a neko. NEKO NEKO NI

Bio: She is a hybrid of half angel- half demon. Her combat school shut down, so she transferred to Mitakihara Middle School. Being seperated from her friends (Luna, and Rajieru) She got lonely. Soon, becoming depressed, she slowly began to get scared of small things. When Kyubey came to her, she saw the rings around his ears, and thought they were halo's of an angel. She thought she was insane, and started thinking of very dark thoughts. Soon, she realized that being alone was her worst fear. Soon becoming partially insane, she learned of the light. To get darkness, and death off her mind, she flies daily; cries for no reason; pulls her own tail; and bites herself. Being a magical girl has helped her not be dragged down to insanity. Of corse, she still is partially insane.

Here's a song that describes her:

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Name: Vicky Berglund

Age: 14

Gender: female

Status: Magical girl

Weapon of choice: Sword

What my wish was: Her wish was to get along with her family better. They were fighting all the time, and her wish was the chance to stop it.

What the consequences of her wish was: Her father caught her fighting witches, and became devastated that the arguments in her family stopped not out of respect for each other, but because Vicky had used magic. Her father then shot everyone in the family except Vicky, and then killed himself, leaving only her.

Killable: yes
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