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Here comes our new app -ES Parallel Accounts, which can help you easily log on multiple accounts for social media and mobile games at the same device. It can also protect your privacy and security while using the apps in your device. Feel free to let us know your feedback and if there is anything needs improvement for it! Download it here!>

I recently upgraded to ES File Explorer Pro - but can't figure out how to add my local PC to the LAN list. The "search" function is no longer there - instead I see the message "Add a serve by New-> Server". Where is "New"?

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Hello ES File Explorer, i am currently user of ES File Explorer, and ES File EXplorer Pro as well. I am using Dropbox, and since 2 weeks ago, i got this notice, that the old version of Dropbox will not be available Sept 28, 2017. Any idea?


Having trouble using remote manager to access phone files from PC. All's well until I try to access the phone via ftp from my browser. I get asked for a user name and password. I have no idea what it wants, or why this is happening - doesn't seem like this should occur. I haven't found it addressed in any of the documentation I've found for this app, such as

My environment:

* OS Linux Mint 18.1 / Chromium browser ver. 60.0.3112.78
* Android 5.1 / ES File Explorer Pro 1.0.9

Any idea what I need to do?

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Using ES File Explorer I've successfully accessing my Amazon S3 files for years on my old ASUS Transformer 101 tablet. I just bought a new ASUS ZenPad10 and I can't get ES File Explorer (just bought the Pro version) to connect to my S3. It keeps saying Login Failed. Am I missing something?

Up until recently I was able to access the hard drive in my airport time capsule. Now I can't get past the data file that comes up on the Time Capsule when I login. I get a login failure alert now. Can somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong?
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