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With the bar exam in less than 3 weeks, does anyone have any advice for the test-takers?

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Thanks for the join.  Need PI attorney on a contingency basis for lawyer who has filed to be released (retainer gone) - so have to have a contingency lawyer.  Attorney for Allstate is a Pro Tem Judge in the El Dorado County Court - he REFUSES to document or raise a $4,300 over when costs are WAY over that or to say what He has been paid by Allstate( which I guess is his rights, but goes to his ethics as he has battled with the law as the facts are weak???  His client hit us STOPPED at a Red Light on US Highway 50.  I know the costs will be high, but justice have anything to do with it? Pre-exisiting conditions and very subjective, but wish to show Allstate as what I hear many call them ALLSNAKE........they have wore me down, but I still seek the facts and truth OR TO BE FAIR just get it back to Small claims to LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD.........or find a lawyer who will do battle with ALLSTATE and Mr. Nott -- Guess I can't share this publicly or with others? +Allstate Insurance 

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