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personality:nice friendly dangrous smart
other: looking for a girlfriend can heal or revive anything

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Name: Pam Wares
Age: 13
Sex: female
Race: neko
Lives: pets-4-u
In a Relationship with +Lindsey Thompson
Likes: yarn, fish, pets, rubs my ears, scratches under my chin, books, anime, magma, YouTube, gif, pictures, laps, comfy pillows, flowers, rp, art, just hold me tight meow purrs
Dislikes: bullies, haters, Stalkers, males, traps, don't pull on my ears or tail please
Hi holding my tail while waving cutely everyone. My name is Pam meow its a pleasure to chu I hope we can be great friends. I'm 13 years old live on the meow streets and was save by pets-4-u. I'm shy but friendly meow once I get know chu. I'm really sweet meow. Lets have fun love to be petted by anyone.

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Name: Zonic Hedgehog
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Mobian/ Hedgehog
Personality: a nice young man, very sweet, has a brave and courages background.
Bio: is Zone cop works alot, but has time for extreme gear racing, and chill with friends
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