Name: Ruby
Age: 12(smart)
Gender: female
I'll skip cup
Weight idk and ice
Height idk and idk
Personality: Nerdy nice

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my oc profile
waiting for it to be approved
ignore the status thing
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Hey new here

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Hair Blood:Red
Likes:Being funny,Clean,blood,games,girls,flirting
dislike-bullies,being told what to do,
Powers-Red Lightning
Song For Him:
Quote:Life Is a Pain So Ill Be Your Medicine
Spiecs:Haft human and death (cant spell worth shit)
Bio:When jay was a 10 and his dad abused him and his mother.One dad while his mother was being abused jay felt a feeling and then nothing he hit his dad with lightning not knowing where the hell it came from jay showed nothing then he hit his dad again with lightning and again and again.Jay started to laugh and his eyes started turning from brown to red and his hair turn from dark dark brown to blood red.Jay kept hitting his dad with a blood red lightning not caring he killed his dad.Jay scared his mom and she ran away from him and kept running into the woods not knowing where she was she died from a killer on the lose not knowing jay say the killer ran.Jay appeared infront of the man in a flash the man stopped in shocked jay put his hand where the man's heart is then blow a hole in his chest taking his heart out.Jay started to laugh ran back into the house turning back into the normal him sitting there waiting for the police.The Police took him and brought him to a mental asylum for 2 years but it didnt make him good it made him worse.He got brought to a foster him since he we 12 now he is 15 living with great people taking medicine to keeping bad him in so he goes to high school and everything.

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Name: Matsuko Rinji
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Furry
Breed: Snow Leopard
Likes: The stars, quiet places, the forest, drawing, painting, and hot chocolate
Dislikes: crowded and noisey places, people being immature.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 139lbs
Powers: I can change my hair and eye color at free will, can summon shadows, fire, and ice, and can control nature.
Personality: Quiet, shy, sweet, creative.
Bio: My mom and dad abandoned me in the woods after i was born and I had to learn how to live on my own.
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You see me walking around the school. Of course, I was the new hot leopard girl in school. You thought I was stunning and everyone started calling me names such as "Slut, whore, bitch" and other names of that manner. One day i was in the art room and you wanted to make sure i was alright since I havent been in classes all day. You come up to me and say..

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hey I'm new here my name is Zack but just call me zero I'm from a small town outside of Tokyo and I'm 18 my Hoddy are smoking cigarettes and pissing off the teacher

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Name:Grell Sutcliff


Gender:female yes a fem version of grell







Hates:Nothing really.

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Name: Shun Kajama
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Serious, clever, seemingly emotionless, and secretly insane
Weight: 142 lbs
Heigt: 5'8
Loves: Experimenting
Likes: Sweets and cutting himself/sewing them back up
Dislikes: Annoying people
Hates: Dogs, spicy foods, being without his lab coat
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