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There's so much you can do with Lords of Olympus. Even a kind of Wes Anderson homage.

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What are the differences between Amber, Lords of Olympus, and Lords of Gossamer & Shadow?

Now someone (not me) has written a great comparative review explaining the similarities and differences of each product!

+Kasimir Urbanski posting about Occultists does bring up a good question regarding Lords of Olympus. Cults!

What are the mysteries of the various deities' cults and do the PCs pick them up along the way?

In my Ambercon game, the PCs had some contacts with their Father's cultists and had followers that were approaching a mystery cult.

Anyone have some input on using these aspects of old school Greek occultist in LoO?

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Learn how to make your occultist NPCs behave like different real-life occult tribes. That is to say, complete freaks.

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Some thoughts of use to LoO players and GMs.
Some Thoughts on Gorgons
In Greek mythology, the gorgons were three monstrous sisters whose visage turned people to stone. Detailed descriptions vary, although they typically had snakes for hair. In D&D, however, these beings are known as "medusas", from the name of the specific go...

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You can currently pick up Lords of Olympus at a pretty nice discount! In black and white, or in gorgeous magnificent color.

My LoO game at Ambercon last weekend was a blast! There was a mix of familiarity with the game and Greek Myth, but the players has good things to say at the end.

Some of the player briefing for my Space-based LoO game for Ambercon 2017

When Apollo and the Muses performed the rituals and sacrifices that would bind him to a new Road between Worlds, it took one hundred days of chants, sacrifices, mediations, and observances. Apollo and Urania, Muse of Astronomy, combined their blood and anointed some of the tools used by travelers amongst the stars Apollo so hoped to understand and conquer.

On the last day of these ceremonies, the Apollonian Road opened to him, allowing him to travel the multiverse via the secret by-ways of space and the stars. These paths take the form of time-space anomalies, dark and forgotten corners of hyperspace, ancient jump-gates forged by long-dead civilizations, black holes that consume any who approach, and more. The Road sang in his head, but the center of this Road was unknown to Apollo. When he sought in his head for it, it was hidden in fog.

The Fates, who sat in attendance of this great moment, spoke in chorus to say simply that a great quest should be set upon to find this mysterious point for Apollo to truly claim the Road as his own. They crafted, from the anointed tools, daughters of Apollo and Urania to follow this quest. These daughters are named the Asteriki, but are also known as the Stellar Muses.

From each tool arose an Asteriki who embodied the aspect of the Road her tool symbolized. They possessed a tie to the Road and the Grace of the Asteriki, allowing them to survive vacuum, fly in space, and fly in the air when the stars are visible in the sky.

Apollo charged his new daughters with the completion of this quest, and many of the other Gods in attendance offered boons and gifts to aid in this quest. Hephaestus laid down the keel of a mighty starship, The Astro. Helios offered the heart of a burning star as the power source of the ship, Hades freed the great Sailor Phlebas the Phoenician from the underworld and bound his spirit to the ship's computer core.

The Asteriki set out upon the Road and traveled far and wide. Tales of their adventures are told from spaceport to spaceport and they have gloried their parents with their glorious deeds. They have fought the great Star Serpent who harried shipments near the Cyclops Nebula. They avoided the call of the Siren Singularity, binding themselves to the hull of the Astro to avoid the electromagnetic pulses that forced spacefarers to plunge into the Chthonic unrealities of that dread spiral. They have sought the center for a century or more, but finally their quest is coming to an end.

As we join their tale, the Asteriki have brought their ship to the Starport of the Trojan Belt of the Minoan system. Here, so rumors say, lives the seer Jantos. Those rumors hint that Jantos has dreamed long of a beacon that leads to the Center of the Road. Eikonikos has peered deep into the virtual, running sacred predictive algorithms and the answer seems close, but is clouded by danger.

Muses, guide us as we sing the tale of your nieces and the end of their quest!

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Running a LoO scenario at Ambercon this year, dealing with the Apollonian Road.

The crew of the Astro set off to the limitless Stars in search of the end of Apollo's road, at his behest.

If you were Apollo, what heroes and heroine's might you call to your crew?

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