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Here is a link to my latest blog post, which explores the deep-rooted problems with the school system, presented in the form of a conversation between me (a former school teacher) and a school teacher wanting to "change the system from within".

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A brief introduction to the Eduspire Paradigm.


What I am sharing here is the result of 8 years of reading, research, soul searching, 1-1 coaching with children and teens, visiting and volunteering in revolutionary schools and learning environments in the UK, USA, Canada, Japan and Russia, following 7 years as a maths teacher in the UK state system.

The Eduspire Paradigm is a conceptual framework for education and life outside the box. At the heart of this paradigm are 12 presuppositions.

"eduspire": education infused with spirit.

"paradigm": an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way.

"presupposition": a thing tacitly assumed beforehand at the beginning of a line of argument or course of action.

If accepted and acted upon, the following 12 statements have the power to set our children free; to unleash their innate passion, wisdom, playfulness and creativity toward the co-creation and propagation of a simpler and more harmonious way of life for all.


1. Every child is a unique, divine spark of unlimited creative potential with a unique educational path to follow.

2. The simplicity and wonder of childhood is real life.

3. Learning is as natural as breathing; it is a by-product of living.

4. Education is the pursuit of passion.

5. The purpose of education (and life) is to be yourself.

6. A child's inner guidance is more reliable than any external source of authority. Authentic freedom means 100% response-ability.

7. Children and adults are equals and co-learners. We are all teachers; who we are being in any given moment is our greatest teaching.

8. Nature has infinitely more to teach us than any creation of the human mind. The purpose of technology is to enhance human experience, not to define it.

9. Failure is feedback; we always succeed in achieving an outcome, to which we always have the power to choose our response.

10. The only constant in life is change; any educational model or community should be in a perpetual state of evolution.

11. A Creative Learning Space is one that facilitates learning, creativity and innovation through its defining values of Play, Trust and Collaboration.

12. Providing a rich ecology of educational opportunities and resources is a collective responsibility of the whole community.


Increased efficiency is NOT the answer to the educational crisis that we are facing. A focus on efficiency automatically implies a focus on measurability. The problem with making the measurable important is that what is truly important in life cannot be measured. How do we measure love, friendship, harmony, happiness or fulfilment? These are all unquantifiable.

We can be efficient with paperwork, but not with people. We can be efficient with machines, but not with human beings. Human beings – and children are human beings, by the way – require EFFECTIVENESS. And effectiveness is all about the quality of relationships.

A healthy approach to education requires a focus on the nurturing of healthy relationships. And the most important relationship to nurture is the relationship we have with ourselves. A healthy approach to education is one that encourages us to go WITHIN and to connect with our own innate passion, creativity, wisdom and purpose. This is the exact opposite of what the school system achieves. It encourages children to look OUTSIDE themselves for answers; for love, approval, success and meaning. Of course it does, it was created for the advent of the Industrial Age. It is an outside-in (“do as you're told”) model of education designed to create an outside-in workforce and society.

It is time for a new paradigm – a new conceptual framework – for education and learning. The conversation needs to shift from “how to do school better” to “how to do education differently”. We need to adopt an inside-out (“I trust you”) approach. One that can support the emergence of a simpler way of living and being. One that teaches (enables) children to live in harmony with each other, with nature and with all living beings on this planet.

If we truly wish to live in a world of peace, community spirit, ecological awareness and abundance – and I passionately believe that this IS possible in our lifetime – then it is up to us, the people, as individuals, to look inside ourselves, to listen to the gentle calling of our hearts and to make some big choices. Clearly, we can no longer depend on our self-serving politicians and inertia-laden governments to solve our problems for us.

It is up to us.

Never, ever underestimate your power to make a difference in this world. No one is more or less important than anyone else. We are all unique and beautiful pieces of the human jigsaw puzzle. And each and every piece makes a difference, has an effect on the overall picture. My choice is to accept responsibility for the world in which I am living. I invite you to do the same.

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A post I wrote in October 2013 about L4G youth absolutely what you are doing Jon and also you David ...

A big welcome to +Jon Thorne who has joined on here tonight... we have been chatting on FB this evening and Jon is doing some excellent work with his and so... we would love to hear more about that and also help to expand those ideas... definitely a discussion on the show +David Mills ... we must begin to do the planning for the first show now!!

I have recently met an extraordinary 11-year-old girl called Libby who is keen to share her ideas for a very different type of school. Recently diagnosed with the ADHD label and under pressure from the "experts" to take drugs for her "condition", I would love to see her interviewed on the Education channel.

Funny that someone with alleged attention issues was able to sit beside me listening to me talk to her mother for almost 3 hours, making wise and insightful contributions throughout our discussion. Trust me, this girl is an inspiration. The only "condition" she is suffering from is unrecognised genius. The world needs to hear her voice. I could weep at the thought of a child with so much to offer being drugged into submission and conformity. (Thankfully, her mum is seriously considering taking her out of the school system).

I have already offered to work with Libby in sharing her ideas and to turn her school dream into a reality.

Hello everyone - +Carol Dodsley has offered to run a private L4G TV show hosting workshop before Christmas for a group of people who are wanting to crack on with hosting TV shows. I already know of a few people who are interested in doing this and we are trying to get a date together - if I haven't yet spoken to you and you are interested, do let us know! Thank you :) 
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