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Should Berkeley students violently oppose Ann Coulter?

No. These kids are just now receiving their educations. They are just starting to gain adult experience. Before they attempt to debate sophisticated conservative arguments, they should practice on the asinine opinions this obnoxious woman. If they can't handle her slow pitches, and knock them out of the park, how will they learn to counter the arguments of intelligent conservatives? At the very least, Coulter would give them something to laugh at.

Forbidding a person's opinions at your campus reveals cowardice. 

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What is the best Language to speak? (As well as your native language...)
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Between Netflix and Hulu. Which one is superior. Keeping in mind price, content, add ons, exclusives and originals, device support, and interface.
I believe that netflix is superior due to its large selection of content and overwhelming pool of original content for a fair price.
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My debate on Sanctuary States
Should there be Sanctuary States ? How would you get a sanctuary state to comply with immigration laws? And should u.s. citizens flip the bill for the states? I think if churches v
Can be then why not states.

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Was Hitler really that bad? I don't think that Hitler was that bad. He did lots of great things for the world. He was all for animals not being abused, as a matter of fact he was the first person to make laws against animal abuse and was a vegetarian himself. Plus he killed Hitler!
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Yes Hitler was bad
No Hitler is not that bad

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Which worldview is true and has the best evidence to back it up?
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Creation is true
Evolution is true

Should parents enforce the AAP's recommendations (2 hours per day for non educational purposes) for screen time for teens aged 13-17?

I say yes, because children can develop bad habits (such as screen time for an alternative instead of family time, etc.), they can loose sleep because of the electronics, and they can be distracted from doing schoolwork, chores, etc. 

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At school if you get in a fight with a bigger kid should you..
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Run and let him chase you
Stand and fight
Get a teacher
Grow wings and fly away????!!!😎

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Saudi Arabia joined the Women's Rights commission this week. Do you think their presence is a positive or negative milestone for international women's rights?

Saudi Arabian women are some of the most oppressed women in the world. In their country they must have a male guardian with them from birth until death. The only times they are not surrounded by men is when they enter the segregated mosques, stores, or restaurants.

I think this a positive milestone for women because it may give a Muslim nation the strength to reform political Islam in order to end the multi tiered hierarchy that holds women down. I don't know if this is their intention, but I am an optimist.

Do you agree?
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