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The Transition Magazine: New Meaning
Issue 1 - Jan 23, 2017

"In a network, all social network interactivity
is secretly songs in the key of life."

"In transition, there's a place beyond divisive words. Let's metalogue our way there."

A metalogue is any which conversation and/or dialogue, where collective intelligence is happening, and channeled through scenius.

Metalogue can also be defined shorter and simpler, as


In contrast, discussion and debate, while both popular and at times effective, almost invariably comes with a large hidden cost and risk: muddling through, wicked problems, entrenched positions.

Flourishing Scenes
Scenes co-evolving with metalogue, happens as soon as all the participants are more or less willing to let go of their personal agenda.

Collective Intelligence
Unfolding out of Noosphere Access (de Chardin) and Folding/Unfolding of the Implicate Order. (David Bohm).

Scenius is the quality of a group of people making for a deeply meaningful experience, both for the individual participants and making for a larger than life group and collective experience. Eg a jazz trio performing in front of a live audience. cf Brian Eno.

A scene where collective intelligence (audiences, networks) and individual intelligence (minstrels, mixtapes) can meet.

There's a place beyond business as usual, beyond polarizing politics, beyond divisive words. Let's metalogue our way there.


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Our Future Societies: Metaphor

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Zen of Small Tasks: Write
Writing Tips by James Altucher

The tips are from the article 33 Unusual Tips to Being a Better Writer []
I like the sleeping and the relating part most :))


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Participatory Inquiry, episode 10: Seed

“In a network, four degrees of separation between strangers turning friends.”

- How can you afford to...

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Automatic for the People: Delivery

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A contradictory mix of freedom and expectation — surely a classic Taoist paradox — is at the heart of what I believe to be the best approach to the design and facilitation of complex events.

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21C Literacies: Language
Writing and Being
Let’s do language

This quote I found via Martha Beck’s newsletter. And then wanted to read more about Toni Morrison Ended up captivated by an article about her: The Radical Vision
of Toni Morrison []

And then had a beautiful experience reading this and watching the video in the article. A peak into the process of Toni Morison creating her audiobook. She talks about writing and thinking is such a profound way, almost mystic. At the same time it is so clear and close to the heart: a conspiracy between the writer and the reader.


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Automatic for the People: Modelling
Online tool by Nicky Case lets you easily create system diagrams which can be programmed just by drawing.
More Here:
Animated Photo

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21C Platforms: Trust 

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Play: Yes Is More

John Cohn: the funny-colored lab coat kinda old guy demonstrating that play and playfulness are sometimes the only things that will save your life, for gosh' sake. I think most of its effectiveness is the guy himself.

When you think about it, that guy is pretty brave, standing at a TEDx thing in a funny-colored lab coat and calling himself a nerd while wearing a halo of lights on his cute bald head. It takes a lot of personal playfulness, if you know what I mean. TEDxs are serious stuff.
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