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Automatically send email reminders from Google Sheets with formMule

Reduce your no-show rates! With a simple formula, you can use formMule to automatically send out reminders to your workshop participants!

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Just put together a video tutorial on Google My Maps. (how to create and collaborate) Plenty of practical ideas. (though the list could be much, much longer) See the citations at the end. This blog post has the ideas with a link to the video.

"Google My Maps | Students Create Maps Content and Collaborate with Others"

I added DocHub to my personal Drive. I've asked my dist. tech director about allowing it on our school computers so I can share these documents in Google Classroom, the kids can type answers on the PDFs and submit in Classroom. After opening it up in Drive with the DocHub, how can they put it back so they can submit and I can check it?

Does anyone know of a Google Sheets webinar my administrators could participate in? Or maybe a workshop around Little Rock, AR?

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The winner of the Google Demo Slam Live and Dircect from New Hampshire Summit was the tag team of +Eric Lawson and +Thomas Rup thanks to +Allison Mollica and our sponsor +AppsEvents also all the SLAMMERS +Nick Cusumano +Sarah Woods +Trevor Beck +Christopher Joseph Spiteri please watch and share some great tips and tricks

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Google Demo Slams live and Direct from Tampa Summit #googleed #googleet #googleIE #GIEsummit

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Watch and vote for your favourite Google Slam some great tricks you've never seen

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Google Demo Slams are back!!!

Hi there Google Slammers! Thought you might find these images I made useful for your presentations...
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