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Anyone know how I could arrange the pins when I make a box? They all seem to go to SIP. : ( Would like to be able to make things a bit smaller or even like a TQFP. Just by moving the pins to other side. Picture shows my meaning. Thanks

Cool little program...
One little suggestion -- if you could scale the 74xx gates so their pins were on-grid, schematics would look a LOT cleaner :)

Is there a way to create new chips? This program is amazing but I don't see 74273's - and octal D flip flop with clear. I can create it with all the pieces here, but how do I gather them up into a dropable chip?

I am trying to download atanua program for mac . so I can use another program same like atanua?

I'm looking for someone to take over the Atanua project. Email me if you're interested.

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Hello! How to copy multiple selected objects at once?

Is there a built in size limit to what you can draw in Atanua, or will the window just keep expanding as you add more stuff? 
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