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Joseph Farah

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Sublime Text 3 beta in Ubuntu 15.04. 
Do you guys like Sublime Text 3? I mean besides the fact that it asks you to buy the "full" version every hour. Aside from that. 
If you don't like it, which text editor do you like to use and why?
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What's that Ubuntu theme you're running?
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guille rdguez

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New work-school baby.
15" screen, i5, 16gb RAM 250GB SSD. Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon Desktop and Windows 7 64x bit Pro on VMware when needed.
Well spent weekend!!!
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+Joe Avery+Chloe Sceo​ ah, I see that makes sense
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Darrick Allen

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What relation does this furry have to do with the subject at hand? I have nothing against furries. Hell, I have a fursona myself (Just look at my profile pic). I just don't see the relation between this policy and the character.
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Shahid IT Academy

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Has anyone used pear OS? It looks good, but there havent been any updates sinve 2013, what's up with that?
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+The Single Board Computer Database The clementine website says development might start in April of 2014 and a release date is unknown. Their screenshots on the home page have windows that say "My Clementine 8", " My Pear 6", "Pear Cloud", and " Pear OS", while an About page says that Clementine OS 10.8 will be built on Pear OS 8 (using an Ubuntu 14.04 base). A link at the bottom of the page takes you to an original website, with an archived Hello World WordPress blog entry dating back to 2012. I don't think this is active at all, and if it is, there doesn't seem to be any evidence of it, though my quick Google search may have not gone deep enough
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Android notificatios
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I never used pushbullet ,so i don't know
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Bastiaan Quast

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I have a problem that my owncloud and now (3.18) google drive aren't showing up in Nautilus.

Both the accounts are added to the online accounts and file syncing is switched on. Any thoughts?
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I've tried this, but it seems to be more systemic, since both of them have this. Using Antergos (Arch based)
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Shai Ayal

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The number of windows bashing posts/polls looks to be on the rise. Personally I find them distracting - I have no need to bash windows in order to justify my choice of using linux. I am not blind to Linux's shortcomings and to windows' advantages, but still I choose linux.

What does the community feel? 
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let's continue bashing windows
let's just discuss Linux
I don't care
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+Marti van Lin​ I assure you there are quite a lot of pussies here 😊 
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Have you installed the guest-additions package? sometimes this is needed to get the best performance onf your Virtual Machine. Lets say video, audio and even usb recognition in most hardware
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Does anyone know of a good application for encrypting and decrypting files on Linux?
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+Eugene K  PGP is the form of encryption used by GnuPG.  gpg is basically an open-source implementation of PGP.
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Android gets Steamy! Humble goes monthly, Distance revamps reality, and Feral delays Aliens. Then SOMA faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

A/V downloads plus notes:
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Xenonauts is great for fans of the old X-COM games! This game was in the Humble Indie Bundle 15. Gameplay and commentary by me. Running native on Arch Linux
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Jatin Kaushal

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Now I get it that this is in no way, shape, or form related to Linux, but hear me out. I live in India, and the Government has banned all torrent sites (eg, but I was looking at solutions to get to torrent sites and one said to add "https://" before the URI, and it works, but I don't know why, so I would like to ask anyone who has the answer, why does this work? Also, since Linux promotes freedom, I am holding a pole to see if anyone thinks that the government did right in banning websites (These include torrent sites and porn sites)
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The were absolutely right
I don't really care about this issue
How is banning sites good?!
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+Alin Bogdan George Patuleanu​ not saying that at all. In fact, it is a valid grievance if that is what is occurring. We are talking specifically about torrenting.

Also, I was responding to the idea that data access is a human right. It is not, even if you and I personally believe it should be.

I think a better metaphor is The Sidewalk. You may walk there without interruption. In some cases you can use a bike or a moped. The local authority, for whatever reason says, " OK no more mopeds on the sidewalk." Maybe their reasons are legitimate (someone could get hurt, you are infringing on the walkers ability, etc) and maybe they are not (we don't like mopeds, there have been 0 cases of injuries from mopeds but we think it might be possible so no mopeds). Either way, the sidewalk remains open to bikes and pedestrians.

In my country (USA) most of the laws are aimed at the minority; it is a penalty system for the law breakers. This is why it tells us what we cannot do, as opposed to saying what we can (in all honesty there are both, but the preponderance is for the latter). In a lot of places, rules and regulations are aimed at the minority. I cannot at this time declaratively say which is better.
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A little pun
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To put some context this was his pose when he was answering a question about graphics card manufacturers and their drivers for Linux. He said fu Nvidia. He continued to explain the answer and he is completely right Nvidia is the worse offender when it comes to graphics drivers for Linux! 
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Ariful Islam

Help Needed  - 
Does anyone here use Porteus or MOFO Linux? I dunno how to have both of em installed on the same drive
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I've used Porteus. My advice would be to put them in separate partitions on the jump drive and put a third partition with just a bootloader (either grub or one of the syslinux family) which points to both the other partitions and chainloads their bootloaders.
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Adnan Momin

Security  - 
If you are intrested in browsing a website without internet connection so just follow this. HTTrack. is a free and open source Web crawler and offline browser, developed by Xavier Roche and licensed under the GNU General Publ...
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heh I thought it was something about packet radio
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Zachary Hill

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Oh yeah, that's why I switched. 
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+Buzz Nix
They say one has to know something about IT to install and use a Linux distro (sometimes true when troubleshooting hw modules). OK this is true for Windows, too. Too many crashes mean too many non IT people using it. Even Linux for desktops crashes (at least Ubuntu, not Debian I experienced). It's NOT as good as when used for servers. I.e. desktop environments and drivers are not as good as the kernel! 
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Abhinav Kakku

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DD with syslinux command for install
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