Character Template

Name: Yes you need one
Element: You can be a non-bender if you want, go Sokka!!!
Backstory: The fun part!

If you have any request about being related to a cannon character then message me or Sabrina for permission. If you want to be an airbender do the same since there all direct descendants of Aanng. 

Ok so we have 2 characters that are from Cannon, Meelo &
Rohan, the youngest children of Aang and Katara, who are now old men. The Avatar, an earthbender named Terra will also be an NPC. We are allowing people to be figure heads though and live in any of the nations they want including Republic City.

Republic City
President: Open

Northern Water Tribe  
Chief: Open

Southern Water tribe
Chief: Open

If you have any questions about how to get these positions just post and me or Sabrina will gladly explain in privet

Hey guys If you want to join this RP JOIN THE COMMUNITY :DDD Itll be really fun and I hope a lot of people like it, I know a lot of people Love avatar as much as I do and I hope we can all join together here

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This will help anyone with problem coming up with names for their character.

Hey, Me and my Friends are going to soon be starting an Avatar RP. It will be based off of cannon rules and have the same history but the avatar will be an Eathbender and it will be a mainly OC RP. This community was made for suggestion and questions so all impute in valued.  
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