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Welcome,I see this must be your first time,Correct?
Your going to have to understand limitations before you join us,however
Well,Let me explain the limitations,right here and now.

Art theaft,Oc theaft.
Now,this bothers me alot,Dont take random pictures of the internet and make them your OC,thats just rude,And dont claim pictures you find on Images unless you own them

Keep it related
Now,we dont want spam of Funny cat videos,Theres other communitys for that,right? This is a coummity for Roleplay,not funny cat videos

Please,be nice,alright,in roleplay,you can go wild,but,out of roleplay,please be nice.Also,False accusation gives you a warning,especialy if i know the person your accusion and yourself have gone through lots of arguments before

Keep it SFW,Seriously.I am not talking about swearing,but,It'd be great if you keep swearing down x3 However,you cant get banned for swearing.just,it would be nice to keep it down,Ok?

Keep art limited.Its annoying having a roleplay community filled with art and no roleplay,Right?

Wait for your Unatural OCs to be accepted,please.And only 3 unatural OCs,unlimited Natural OCs though x3 Tag me or a mod for unatural OCs to be accepted,IF A MOD SAYS 'Dont tag me,please' YOU DO NOT TAG THEM,PERIOD

Enjoy our roleplay,And have a great time!

damn forgot to invite people
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