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Transitioning to StackOverflow for questions and answers.

This community has grown beyond anything we expected when it was initially created. We are happy to see so many people using and enjoying our open source libraries. It makes us even more happy to see users of these projects come together to help each other resolve problems. One thing we have noticed in moderating this community is that it is not the best medium for asking questions and archiving their solutions.

To ensure your questions and their answers are appropriately archived and searchable we are transitioning them to StackOverflow. A website that needs no introduction to a modern-day programmer, StackOverflow is a much better platform for community-driven problem resolution.

Individual tags for our respective projects have been set up and will be maintained by the individual project owners. Projects with websites have been updated to link to their respective tag directly.

StackOverflow offers some unique features which Google+ does not provide that may be of interest to you. The most notable is the ability to subscribe to tags which will email digests at 15 minute, 3 hour, or daily intervals. You can see my subscriptions[1] for an example.

This community will continue to exist for discussion which doesn't belong on StackOverflow or on a project's GitHub issues. We will be politely pushing any questions that are asked towards StackOverflow.

Thanks for all your support thus far and we look forward to seeing you all on StackOverflow!


Facebook introduced react native. What does Square look about react native. Will it affect Square open source direction???
Will JS occupy Android native?
I am a big fan of Java though :(

Hello guys, I want to work on Github project to improve my programming skills and learn more about algorithms. Anybody knows which project is it good to start ?

Hi, I'm building an application with much of your open source libraries.

For providing open source licenses, I want to link each library to its repository directly.
I've confirmed the guidelines for using the logo of github for those repositories not owned by a company, however, couldn't find any policy about Square Inc.'s. Is it okay to use the Square Inc. logo for the icon? I'm going to link the repository to directly, b/c I think it's more disired destination if I were you.

I will use fg white / bg transparent icon to use colorfilter transformation, assigning color #8a000000, 54% black, which is following the material guidelines.

I've started using custom views instead of fragments and this is working perfectly for me. But I would also like to know what to replace the DialogFragments with. Do you guys at Square use plain old dialogs or something else? The showDialog() method from Activity is deprecated and I lose state when doing orientation changes so I am guessing it's something else.
Any gist/sample code would make me very happy :)

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From the README im not getting a clue of what the goals of this project are? Why would i choose this over, say, GSON?

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I think it would be neat to use Okio's Buffer to read AudioRecord audio bytes, from the microphone on an Android device. 

AudioRecord has the following read(...) methods:
- public int read (short[] audioData, int offsetInShorts, int sizeInShorts)
- public int read (byte[] audioData, int offsetInBytes, int sizeInBytes)
- public int read (ByteBuffer audioBuffer, int sizeInBytes)

What's the best way to insert data from read(...) to a Buffer?


Just about to dive into #Okio. Does it handle thread producer/consumer synchronization?

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Hey all,

Quick note, could you please add screenshots to the github io website for the libraries that don't have it?

The design of the page really requires they all have one. Just told my coworker about how much open source code Square does and he went to the page and was like "Oh, they only have two iOS libraries." I've been trolled by this myself several times where I miss a library and think it was removed.
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