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Transitioning to StackOverflow for questions and answers.

This community has grown beyond anything we expected when it was initially created. We are happy to see so many people using and enjoying our open source libraries. It makes us even more happy to see users of these projects come together to help each other resolve problems. One thing we have noticed in moderating this community is that it is not the best medium for asking questions and archiving their solutions.

To ensure your questions and their answers are appropriately archived and searchable we are transitioning them to StackOverflow. A website that needs no introduction to a modern-day programmer, StackOverflow is a much better platform for community-driven problem resolution.

Individual tags for our respective projects have been set up and will be maintained by the individual project owners. Projects with websites have been updated to link to their respective tag directly.

StackOverflow offers some unique features which Google+ does not provide that may be of interest to you. The most notable is the ability to subscribe to tags which will email digests at 15 minute, 3 hour, or daily intervals. You can see my subscriptions[1] for an example.

This community will continue to exist for discussion which doesn't belong on StackOverflow or on a project's GitHub issues. We will be politely pushing any questions that are asked towards StackOverflow.

Thanks for all your support thus far and we look forward to seeing you all on StackOverflow!


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Hi everyone,
Would anyone be able to help me with my @Streaming issue on Stackoverflow?


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Hey everyone! Just so you know, there's a way to use Spoon on Android cloud devices. We've made a tutorial on this. This might be of interest for you ;)

Hi, Guys, Pls let me know is it possible to fetch 30K records in android using retrofit considering with less amount of time in milli seconds (<1000 ms)

Hello Guys, Retrofit users,
Please, I have a problem caching with Retrofit.
I have a server which sends the following response

Server: Apache
X-Powered-By: PHP/5.5.38
App-Version: {"id":3,"current_version":"0.2","required":"true","build_date":"17-6-2016"}
Cache-Control: public,max-age=300,only-if-cached, max-stale=86400
Upgrade: h2
Connection: Upgrade
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Content-Type: application/json

with Volley the response gets cached properly but with Retrofit it never does. I have setup the retrofit client like this

Cache cache = new Cache(cacheDir, cacheSize);
httpClient=new OkHttpClient();
httpClient.networkInterceptors().add(new NetworkInterceptor());
restService=new Retrofit.Builder()

and the network interceptor

ublic class NetworkInterceptor implements Interceptor {
public static final String DEBUG_TAG = NetworkInterceptor.class.getSimpleName();

public Response intercept(Chain chain) throws IOException {
Request request=chain.request();
User user=UserHandler.getUser();
if (user!=null&&user.getToken()!=null){
Log.d(DEBUG_TAG,"Authorization: "+user.getToken());
Response response = chain.proceed(request);
Log.d(DEBUG_TAG, "Cache-Control: " + response.cacheControl());
return response;

The cache folder is created but the only folder there is the "journal" folder. Please what do I need to change or add in the server or android client? I'll appreciate any help

Hi guys i use retrofit in my project, to load pictures from server into my app. When I try load it synchronous, my main thread freeze. Can you tell me about method execute in interface call ?

Hi! Is there any out-of-box way to use idling resource of Espresso for OkHTTP library?

How can I know the progress of download when downloading an image using okHttp?

We're finding a few issues migrating from beta2 Retrofit 2.0 to the release version. The first thing we found is that the Callback interface no longer gets a Retrofit reference, which was needed to parse Error response bodies. That change means that now, our calling code needs to get the API interface and the Retrofit object to make API calls. Wondering why that was changed.

Second, BaseUrl was was dropped, but we were using it to delay resolving the URL, so we can change it dynamically. Wondering how to handle that in its absence.

I'm trying to reach info (https) using Retrofit 2. I'm getting Trust anchor for certification path not found. How can I solve it? Thanks in advance

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