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Here's a link to the draft of the rules. You're welcome to comment and brainstorm!

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Just futzing around with it, testing the feel of chargen, I stumbled into generating a Tellarite Captain that now, I kind of want to run!
THAT'S useful!
Posted this on the forums, but people might like to see it here too.

Here's an online character and ship creation tool I made:

It contains all the material from the corebook, and calculates all the values automatically.

A note. You might want to make a copy (File -> Make a Copy) or download (File -> Download as) of the sheet, unless you want everyone to see the characters and ships you make.

I'm on sort of a Sword and Planet kick at the moment, saw the Adventure Moon: Klyron freebie and snapped it up. For a randomly generated setting, it seems perfectly playable. In fact, I'm thinking of fleshing it out a little bit and using it as the setting for a Warriors of the Red Planet mini-campaign (if I can drag my gamer friends away from their 5th Edition for a few sessions).
Thought you might be interested in the tweaks and progress as it occurs.

For inhabitants, I'm using basic humans with amber-brown skin, platinum blonde to white hair (dark hair is not unknown, but is rare enough to be associated with legendary figures), blue or green eyes with reddish-brown being uncommon. They live in a few general cultural groups. There are nomadic tribes that wander the wastelands (cause every desert world needs enigmatic warrior nomads!), survivor clans who cling to the remnants of their former cities/towns. Military unit remnants, mostly on the ancient battlefields, these former army units have formed into permanent hereditary clans, still battling each other, raiding other settlements for slaves and breeding stock. And underground tribes that live in sinkholes hundreds of feet deep which reach all the way down to underground aquifers.
There are also the numerous slave holdings that are subject to Warlord Raig and provide supplies for his armies.

The Reptilian raiders are another indigenous race. Not quite snouted like standard lizardmen, they have flatter faces (More Killer Croc from the Suicide Squad film) and reddish brown "brick-colored" scales. Formerly a raiding barbarian race living on the fringes of the human civilization, Raig has risen to power largely by unifying most of their clans beneath his banner.

There are malformed albino hairless mutants living beneath the ruined cities. Descendants of survivors who locked themselves away in underground bunkers, then became trapped there when all the exits were blocked by debris. Now, millennia later, they breed and burrow through the underguts of the ruins, firmly convinced that all who live above are the enemies from the wars that drove them underground.

The Ancients: as The Last King demonstrates, they had pretty advanced suspended animation technology. Poking around in any deep ruins runs the risk of reviving a Survivor, almost all of whom are hopelessly insane and horribly dangerous.

Raig is a human warrior with long black hair tied in an epic braid. Left to die in the desert by his birth tribe, he has risen to be within striking distance from becoming the ruler of the entire Moon. He's adopted many Reptilian customs (they found him and raised him among their own) including filing his teeth into fangs. He has a certain savage sense of honor and in fact values worthy opponents, being more than willing to take worthwhile enemies captive rather than kill them outright, usually offering them the choice of joining his raider armies or fighting for their freedom in gladiatorial games. He will slap around low level challengers, often leaving them beaten but alive to hone their skills, hoping they will give him a better fight at some point in the future.

Looking over the illustration, which I'm totally willing to take as the basis for mapping the Moon, The large dark areas are dead seas, with miles of caked dry mud flats and salt flats. the northern and southern seas are divided by a wide range of lightly sloped mountains, now more like huge hills covered with sand dunes. The lighter spots near the equator are alkali barrens and about the harshest terrain to be found on Klyron. pockmarks are craters from the Last War and mark the location of ruins where the grandest cities used to be.
And, I'm thinking the Warlord's fortress is at the north polar region which kind of looks like a huge crater with a towering central mount. Also probably where the last of the readily accessible surface water is to be found.

The skies over Klyron are filled with the sight of, let's say, 2D6 moons--some distant, some so close you can see surface features easily with the naked eye. Almost never the same moons overhead with the exact ones visible changing night by night. Only a few are seen regularly. Native astrology is...complicated. And largely improvisational.

Yeah. I could run with this for quite awhile, given the opportunity.

Already looking at a Survival Horror scenario with humans trying to board up and secure their homes from a vast Scarab Horde ravaging the region.
And The Last Battlefield, a section of trenches and redoubts and bunkers, all ruined and thousands of years old, where soldier-clans fight each other and ageless war machines rise out of hidden hangars with alarming frequency. Think I'll throw some techno-undead--the machines plant control spikes in the skulls of the recently dead to "recruit" more foot soldiers for a long dead cause.

More posts!! What is going on here?

I've implemented some optional scaling rules to Million Moons of Manza's enemy generator at the suggestion of +Bob Bersch in order to make things more survivable for low-level PCs.

One other thing I plan on doing is introducing two or three alternate ability tables. Right now you get a good mix of about a dozen abilities that have various offensive, defensive or other capabilities.

I'm thinking create another table that only offers tank abilities, another that provides support abilities and so on.

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Well my entry into the One Page Dungeon Contest 2016 has been declared one of the lesser "Penultimate Winners Circle" recipients, and not any of the grand prize winners, still a winner. I created a version of the entry, slightly more verbose with layered PDF versions of the space station map and the interior deck plan of the Manta 100 ton star ship featured in the last chamber of the mini-module which has received a 5 star rating there. You can get it for FREE at DTRPG:


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Have you been wondering what the output from the generators used in The Million Moons of Manza is going to look like? You can check it out for free on DrivethruRPG. As always, I'd love to hear comments, questions or concerns!

So +Bob Bersch made a valuable observation based on material from Adventure Moon: Klyron, and I'd like to open this up to y'all. What follow is Bob's questions, followed by my responses. I welcome your input.

Just did a quick read through of it, pretty cool. A couple of things I wanted to ask about though..
page 3 and others: where it says Adventure Level it referrers to player level or party level or party level average?
page 4 and others: I notice that standard damage for almost everything is 2d6.. that seems kind of strong for d20 characters below 4 or so.. Hmm except for the Ancient War Engine which only does 1d6 damage per attack(?)

Thinking about it, how about making Adventure Level (AL) set by the Gm and base damage and HD for monsters off it.. Have things with weak, average and strong attacks and HD times the AL. Attacks d4/d6/d8 and HD same. Just a suggestion.

Party level average.

Yeah, that's actually a very good idea. I think maybe keep the party level as an option but let GMs set it. I wrote the monster generator about a year ago, and I've been tweaking it ever since. The rest of the system is all from the last couple weeks. The "standard" 2D6 damage comes from the fact that the generator uses a D4 to determine monster attacks. Right now I have options of once per round at 2D6, twice at 1D6 each, once at 1D6+1/2 To-Hit bonus and once at 3D6 (maybe I should make an AC penalty for the 3D6).

Hypothetically there should be a wider range of monster damages, but when I created Klyron I used mostly random methods and this is what I got.

I learned that I need to make more unique monster and trap abilities for the generators.

Thanks, +Bob Bersch for the feedback. It's actually really helpful for my process.

Me again:
Okay, +Bob Bersch here are some things to consider and some possible solutions.

As it currently stands, Enemy Rosters are weighted so that weaker enemies are more common. When filling out a blank roster the 7 slot is always Weak, 2 is Tough, 12 is a Boss, etc. I like your idea of allowing the GM to set the Adventure Level if he feels that it'll create a more appropriate challenge for the party.

You suggested using Adventure Level to determine HD, and that's certainly viable. I want to make a case for randomness, though, because I really like being surprised by the dice from time to time. What would you say to a scaling system where Adventure Level 1 means -3 HD per monster, AL 2 is -2 HD, AL 3 is -1, AL 4 has no bonus, and for each level above 4 the HD remains the same?

I'm going to post your question on the Million Moons of Manza main community to open it up.

Very cool, just skimmed the planet generator doc, and wondered if for crashed spaceship one might also mention "...or the ship might prevent natural effects from concealing it, instead a vast desert spreads out from it and weather patterns planetwide adjust to avoid the landing spot.  Normal life avoids it or is actually affected by it, causing intelligent creatures to avoid it's debilitating effects and animals and vegetation to also steer clear of the area.  Animals and vegetation may alternately evolve in dangerous ways if they do live around the crashed ship."
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