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Howdy there! My name is Jennie and I'm an avid DIYer!! I'm presently in the process of remodeling my mobile home by doing one room at a time. Since I watched the entire process of my hallway bathroom being remodeled, I know exactly what to do with the other bathroom. I'm currently "re-habbing" the back bathroom at the time of this posting. This entire bathroom is being "renovated" while the only thing staying intact is the window. Once I have some photos downloaded to my computer of this project, I'll post some so you can see my progress. I'm also switching out the electrical outlets in each room as I work on it. Since this mobile home was "manufactured" in 1977 and has had several owners before myself [I bought in 2006] - I seriously doubt that any electrical outlets have been touched!

If anyone out there has a question about any "DIY" home repairs, I'll do my best to assist you with what knowledge I do have!  :)

** P.S. - If any of you have a "Habitat for Humanity Restore" in your vicinity - go check them out! You'll be surprised at what you find!!  I've gotten quite a few things from them to use for my home renovation & craft projects. I'm attaching a photo of a toilet that I'm putting in the back bathroom [$10] and a crystal hanging pendant light [$14.99] that will eventually go in the kitchen. Not bad for less than $25.00!!  [In the photo, the light is sitting on top of the toilet].  [By the way,  the light in this photo easily sells for close to $200 in stores or the Shades of Light catalog.]
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