I need some help!
かぜ (Kaze) means wind and it also means warm right?? 

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Is this poster fine? 

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Hello everybody,
My name is Linh. I come from Vietnam. I will arrive in Japan in the April to work. And now, I am studying Japanese, however I rarely have chance to do conversation by Japanese. Therefore, I really want to talk with anyone who can help me improving Japanese via Skype or Google+. Furthermore, we can change and know about us life, cultural, so on...
If you interested, Could you contact me at linhdinh93@hotmail.com or facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/dinhlinh.tran.131293
Hoping received your helping,
Thank you so much!

こんばんはみん, 私はニャンコです!はじめました!
Konnichiwa minna watashi wa Nyanko desu! Hajimemashite. 

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ハッピーバレンタインデー! Happy Valentines Day!

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Happy Valentine's day!
"I love you" in Japanese is "a i shi te ru あいしてる". What about your language?

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