Hi all! New to Paranoia (just got my Red Clearance starter set) and really looking forward to running it for my group. My question to the group is: Does anyone have a good, generic "Briefing" or Pre-game speech on the basics of the game as well as providing an idea of who and where they are?

I found a post on a forum somewhere of a really good speech given to new players for a convention game, but it was for a much older version. I'd even settle for something without rules, and just a sort of 'Welcome Troubleshooter!" type of thing just to get players in mindset. Figured I'd ask before writing my own up :)

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Garrett Crowe of Threats from Gallifrey shares his vision for Paranoia’s Alpha Complex. It's a look at what a run down alpha complex might look like. If you're curious I would give it a listen.

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On the algae-encrusted edge lands of Alpha Complex, this ruined and derelict escalator provides an attention-grabbing conclusion for hordes of citizens participating in the Dedicated Entertainment And Transposition Holiday tour.

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Lasers and Treason now has character sheets!

Made both a normal and printer-friendly version of a double-sided character sheet. I think that'll bring an end to all the stuff I want to do for Lasers and Treason, so, I should be done pestering ya'll about it.

Get it all here, in this Google Drive folder:

Thanks again to everyone for the great feedback!

I just finished reading Robots of Unusual Size.

I'm guessing that most people reading this community will be running the game rather than playing, but I'll allow for a moment to walk away before I cover any of the plot.

Have you gone yet?

Did you achieve the Minimum Ocular Safety Target?


Why, given that the GM handbook says (on page 10):

WHAT LIES OUTSIDE: No one can tell you. Actually that’s not true: plenty of people can tell you, and they are mostly members of Secret Societies, and they are all wrong. Nobody knows for sure...

Would you immediately take the Troubleshooters Outside?!

As a first "not in the box" adventure, this was a very odd choice. To my mind, what lies Outside is a tool that the GM can play with to make the setting their own; it defines their Alpha Complex. If you want AC on the moon, under the ocean, on the Starship Warden... Wherever... That's your prerogative.

Personally, I would suggest that you don't take the mission Outside.

The ruined outskirts of Alpha Complex and the cleared land around the edge could be huge. Imagine losing track of the core Complex on the horizon and still not finding an "edge". Wouldn't that be mind boggling enough.

And lose all the horse fart jokes. They weren't funny and they suggest something the characters would have no concept of...

And make the sheep --- who really didn't feature --- mutated Giant Wooly Rats or something. I mean, sheep are great. Evil looking things. But, aside from being a MacGuffin to get the mission going, they don't feature at all. Crazy.

And, as someone else pointed out on another forum... No Secret Society missions or Accomplishments outlined. Missed opportunity.

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I suspect that my review might take a while if I break it down to individual components... First, the dice.

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Really Useful Boxes prove the truth of their name yet again when it comes down to handling the new edition...

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Lasers and Treason is now available in a spiffy PDF!


Woo! Yeah! Google Drive!

There are also numerous grammar and spelling fixes, along with some tweaks here and there to layout and wording. For now, this makes it the pretty-much-final-until-I-see-a-bunch-of-spelling-errors-I-forgot version.

Next plan of action is to whip up a Troubleshooter record sheet for the players. And once that's done, then this little project can go in my "Stuff I Finished" folder.


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I wrote up a Paranoia hack of Lasers and Feelings. Welcome to Lasers and Treason, friend citizen.
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