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Fayaz Ahmed

Working Smarter  - 
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Richard Stern

Getting Found Online  - 
The new G+ update has ruined my GMB page.  My page when clicked used to have my business hours, information about my business, pictures, and reviews.  Now it just shows my collections.  I was using this as a landing page and it drove a lot of business.  Wednesday I went to show someone how to get to the page to leave a review and the information no longer shows up.  I contacted support and they said they are aware of the change but do not know the future of this listing.  Does anyone have more information?
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Zhi Yuan Tan

Working Smarter  - 
These 10 blogging tools made me a better blogger, you should use them too!  
Producing high-quality content can be difficult to do, especially if you need to update your blog on a regular basis to maintain your readership. Fortunately, these 10 blogging tools will help you blog more efficiently and more effectively:
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Last week, we introduced you to cloud accounting, an innovative way to manage your bookkeeping and accounting tasks. We know that new trends in management accounting tend to draw in both enthusiasts and skeptics, this article will put small business owners on the path to debunking some common myths about cloud accounting.
Cloud accounting seems promising on the surface, but could there be serious problems with it? Read on to find out the truth on cloud accounting.
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Kevin Toney

Running Your Business  - 
Email Marketing leading the media pack. ‪#‎EMAILMARKETING‬
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Alan.. I understand what you're saying, I can't do my own research so I have to trust the somebody. Do a Google search and see what you find. :)
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In business, attitude is everything. Remember to always say thanks when someone has helped you in any way or has made a way possible.
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In most cases, relationships can outweigh any profit made +Marketing Dynamics Business Solutions 
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Keith Mitchell

Introduce Yourself  - 
My Name Is Keith Mitchell. The Owner Of Big Mitch's Armed Security Company In New York City.
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+Keith Mitchell welcome to the community. Hope u business grows higher and your experience will also help others. Alway love people who take risk.
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Ashley Fashion House

Working Smarter  - 
So there are two sides of Social Media, it can either take your Entire day or it can be done within hours. Its always better to have the later one. However, its not easy maintaining the Social Media presence if you are the only one running the business, or you hire some newbie to look after it. So its always better to know the shortcuts. 
Social Media Alert: Organic reach for Business pages on FB has declined more compared to last year. So its the best time to try those paid services.
Hope it helps you Grow!!
Promote your company on #socialmedia in easy ways
If you’re a small business owner and looking for some easy new ways to promote your company-- media marketing is the way to go! Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, your au
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Alina Tupikov

Introduce Yourself  - 
Hello everyone, my name is Alina Tupikov and I am a new Real Estate agent in SW Washington who is ready to assist you with the purchase of your new dream home or sell your current home . I am the agent who treats clients with honesty and respect. Ready for business? Consider me!
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Thank you Brielle! 
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Molly Youngblood Geiger

Running Your Business  - 
Here are Just A Few Of The Googley Tools That I'm Thankful For? + A BONUS ANNOUNCEMENT (You Gotta Read This, It's A Good One)

So What Google Tools Are You Thankfull For?

In addition to the poll I'm also thankful for:

Google Apps For Work
Google Hangouts
Google Drive
Google Docs
Google Sheets
Google Slides
Google AdWords
Google Analytics
Google +

Oh gosh so many more to answer.

Here is a complete list of all the awesome tools that Google offers us as business owners

If you don't see it on the poll, then please post it to the comments, Thanks! :)

1) Google My Business: Cost? Maybe An  Hour of Time
Claim your listing, Register and Verify Your Business For Free

It is a good point to do this because this will affect local search results.

2) Sign Up For Google Search Console: Cost? Free About 1 Hour of Time

This tool is great for businesses who have a website and want to check out if there are ANY search results errors.

3) Test Your Website, Blog Or Landing Page Speed Across Different Devices With Page Insights: Cost Free About 5 Minutes of Time

See how quick or slow your webpage renders.

4) Test your Website, Blog Or Landing Page Mobile Responsive Design With The Mobile Friendly Test: Cost Free About 5 Minutes of Time

See if your web page is mobile friendly

5) Google Reviews: Yes They Do Matter Cost Is Free About 5 Minutes To Get Your Review URL

Google Reviews are easy to make or ask for. If you search Google Local Guides You Will Find a Platform that offers rewards for those who make a lot of review.

It really is as simple as getting your URL and putting it on Receipts, Email Signatures, Print Material, Packaging and More.

BONUS TIP: Coming Soon Customers Will Be Able To Register An Appointment Direct From Search Results

Google Is Testing This Right Now and I can not wait for this feature to become available.

Have fun optimizing yours or your clients business on Google.

Which Google Feature Do You Find Yourself Using? If Not An Option Please Post In The Comments
93 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Google My Business
Search Console
Google Page Speed Tool
Mobile Friendly Test Tool
Google Reviews
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Azfar Hisham

Getting Found Online  - 
Email is still the best cost-effective marketing tool to grow your business. But it can be quite hard especially for starters.

That's why I have compiled the 10 best practices that managed to get us to grow our email list 10 times the amount of conversion!
Growing email list is no easy task. Learn how we manage to grow ours up to ten times the amount of conversion.
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About this community

November is #CustomerLoyalty month in the community. Did you miss our live video Q&A with Belly? Watch it here: Welcome to the Google Small Business Community—a place where businesses can get the help they need to succeed on the web by connecting with experts and each other. We provide ongoing training, compelling discussions and insider tips. In addition, our certified community advisors offer their expertise to answer your toughest questions about business and the web.
Mountain View, CA


Getting Found Online  - 
Smartphone Usage to Shop on Black Friday

45.4% smartphones users 47.4% tablets users will use their gadgets to not only research, but just go ahead and purchase products online.
smartphones users tablets users.

Dig deep:

#BlackFriday2015 #BlackFridayDeals #BlackFridaySale #Smartphones #OnlineShopping  
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David Qiu

Building Relationships  - 
Saw this in Ottawa! Hope this inspires you to help the homeless this holiday! #PayItForward
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Very cool idea
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Cava Consulting

Building Relationships  - 
How do you guys use LinkedIn in your social media? We are aware that it can be an invaluable tool to build relationships, but we haven't explored it that much. Is there a Google Small Business video on the subject?

P.S. Here is our LinkedIn page: Comments would be appreciated.
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Great question, +Cava Consulting. We held a Q&A with +LinkedIn during #SocialMedia  month that was focused on how a small  business can best use LinkedIn. You can watch the video at
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Breaking Biz

Highlights  - 
A really quick Q&A with English teacher turned small business owner, Jessica. She decided to harness the power of Skype to build a global client base from her own home!
I met Jessica at a breakfast networking event for entrepreneurs, and despite the early hour and lack of free coffee she filled me in on leaving her former career teaching English as a foreign language to setting up on her own, harnessing the web to widen her student person. In the same way former Breaking …
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Running Your Business  - 
Now we know why online influencers always shows on top in Google's search result
Last week, Google made the unprecedented move of releasing the entire Search Quality Rater’s Guidelines. Explore key insights from this 160-page document that details just what they're looking for in a webpage.
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Roland Seh

Introduce Yourself  - 
Hi everyone! I am Roland from Business Connectivity based in Singapore. We have introduced a couple of software portals that aid the small business community in improving their productivity and outreach. If you are interested to know more, please do not hesitate to message me!
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We're happy to have you on board, +Roland Seh. Can you tell us more about your business? What kind of software is featured on your portals? Are they apps developed in-house?
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Vladimer Botsvadze

Running Your Business  - 
50 marketing habits that are essential for small business success. 
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Thank you for these great tips!
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GMR Web Team

Building Relationships  - 
6 Ideas to promote and grow your brand with WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING

Even after developments in marketing methods, word of mouth marketing is still one of the most potent marketing strategies that has helped many small/large businesses grow and build better relationships. Here are 6 ways to grow your business with this method of marketing.
[New Blog] Word-of-Mouth Marketing: 6 Ideas to Promote Your Brand

Here are 6 ways to improve your brand awareness with one of the most influential marketing methods i.e. word of mouth.
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