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Dalilah Arja

Building Relationships  - 
The story of Gus Hernandez and Siddiqi Hansoti shows us why it’s so important for small businesses to help each other and those around them. This ‪#‎SmallBizWeek‬, we’re partnering with +StoryCorps to share stories that remind us why we're ‪#‎AllForSmallBiz‬.
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Avid Approach

Working Smarter  - 
Be a name-dropper. For the month of May only, refer a friend for a design project and YOU will receive 10% for the referral! Have them drop your name when they request a quote and we'll reach out to you when we start their project.
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Guzman Law Group

Running Your Business  - 
We know firsthand just how important teamwork is! Entrepreneur featured a informative article on the 3 supporting teams your business needs!

#GuzmanLawGroup #Teamwork #BusinessTips
Even solo entrepreneurs need a supporting cast of characters to help them get things done. Find out who you need and how to find them.
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good insights..must make your business a success
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Zachary Horton

Getting Found Online  - 
Does anyone have any advice on gettimg your first few backlinks? Where we could go, what we could publish, guest blogging, etc...
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Don't bother with back links that aren't directly and explicitly relevant to your website in terms of content, visitor profile etc. Google's algos will sniff you out in a heartbeat and you'll hurt your ranking if you have a bunch of random, pointless back links that are only there to game the system.
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Mark Hewitt

Working Smarter  - 
Do You Understand the Internet of Things? +Mark Hewitt 

The IoT will have a profound impact on how and how well we live.
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That's astonishing. .
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Kelechi Okeke

Running Your Business  - 
Excellent customer service begins with the right attitude. Do you have the attitude that would enable your business build great customer relationships? Find out what 5 important attitudes your employees should imbibe to render amazing service.
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Anna Lu
Yes.. To focus on customer experience is a great way to success in business. To help, be kind, and love them is not just the important values a person should live by, it's essential.
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Sharese Hendricks

Running Your Business  - 
Not sure where to start with your brand? Here is a Quick Guide to Starting a Business and Build a brand
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Nice post. Enjoyed it
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Odyssey NewMedia

Introduce Yourself  - 
Hi Google Small Business community. Great idea by Google.

Quick question, our company owner +Robert Stoubos is a very experienced Digital Marketer of 11+ years in SEO/PPC/SEM.

He is also interested to learn how he might constribute or even become a Small Business advisor for SEO/PPC/SEM.

Please can someone give us some insights into how we can become more involved...
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+Odyssey NewMedia - my suggestion is to have him spend 10 or 15 minutes a day answering the SEO/PPC/SEM questions that come up in this group on a daily basis and then hopefully that will help him get found.
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Running Your Business  - 
What is the difference between a trademark and a trade name?

While the terms may sound similar, both have different meanings when it comes to your brand:

#DreamSmallBiz #trademark #branding  
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Supply Chain Solutions Inc.

Introduce Yourself  - 
Hello, small business owners! Thank you for letting us join your community! We are new to Google+ and would love to share who we are and what we do. Supply Chain Solutions was founded back in 2001, by our President and CEO, both top performing salespersons at their previous companies who became friends through mutual association. They decided that the large corporations that employed them actually hindered their ability to provide their clients with the best value and best performing transportation possible. As a result, they teamed up and made it their mission to provide high velocity/best in class Supply Chain that was transparent to their customers. Now, after 15 years, Supply Chain Solutions has six different locations throughout the United States and three more in China. We offer some of the most cutting-edge solutions to Transportation Management, Strategic Sourcing, Lean Materials Management, Inventory Control, and are just beginning to build the solutions for low carbon logistics. We are excited to have the opportunity to meet you all and would love to help any of you out with any transportation hurdles you may be facing. At Supply Chain Solutions, for over 10 years it has been our goal to create business value for our clients, and we hope we get the opportunity to do that for each of you!

Thanks for your time!
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+Supply Chain Solutions Inc. - welcome to the group.
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Welcome to the Google Small Business Community—a place where businesses can get the help they need to succeed on the web by connecting with experts and each other. We provide ongoing training, compelling discussions and insider tips. In addition, our certified community advisors offer their expertise to answer your toughest questions about business and the web.
Mountain View, CA

Benjamin Oppong-Badu

Getting Found Online  - 
Do you have to waste time doing one job? No.
As time changes, try and adapt to the changes so that you will not get stuck along the way.
It is good to own more jobs than to own one.
Get inspired and move on......

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Molly Youngblood Geiger

Getting Found Online  - 
It's Small Business Week & Google Is Sharing Its Strategies, Tools, and Tips With You


Are You Using These Free Google Tools & Strategies To Help Your Business Succeed Online?

1) Google My Business: Cost? Maybe An Hour of Time
Claim your listing, Register and Verify Your Business For Free

It is a good point to do this because this will affect local search results.

2) Sign Up For Google Search Console: Cost? Free About 1 Hour of Time

This tool is great for businesses who have a website and want to check out if there are ANY search results errors.

3)Sign up For Google Analytics: Cost? Free About 1 Hour of Time

This tool is a great way to measure website visitor activity and user behaviors. A must have for a business owner and one of my favorites features is the real time data where you can see who is on your website at that specific moment.

Another cool feature, search terms reports, these are the actual words that users typed to find your website, think those same words might be useful in marketing your business, you bet they are!

4)Test Your Website, Blog Or Landing Page Speed Across Different Devices With Page Insights: Cost Free About 5 Minutes of Time

See how quick or slow your webpage renders.

5) Test your Website, Blog Or Landing Page Mobile Responsive Design With The Mobile Friendly Test: Cost Free About 5 Minutes of Time

See if your web page is mobile friendly

Tip: Google Reviews: Yes They Do Matter Cost Is Free About 5 Minutes To Get Your Review URL

Login to Google, Go to Google, Google the name of your business and then from the knowledge graph card select the "Make A Review"

BONUS TIP: Coming Soon Customers Will Be Able To Register An Appointment Direct From Search Results

Google Is Testing This Right Now and I can not wait for this feature to become available.

Have fun optimizing yours or your clients business on Google.


Here Is A Complete List Of All The Awesome Products That Google Offers


Web Search
Search billions of web pages

Google Chrome
A browser built for speed, simplicity and security

Add a search box to your browser

Access your bookmarks and starred items


Get Google products on your mobile phone

Maps for mobile
View maps, your location and get directions on your phone

Search for mobile
Search Google wherever you are


Attract more customers and only pay for results

Google Apps for Work
Get email, docs, storage and more, customized for your business

Google Cloud Platform
Build and host applications and websites, store and analyze data on Google's scalable infrastructure

Google My Business
Make sure your business looks great on Google Search, Maps and Google+ for free

Create online revenue today

Make money from your apps

Know your audience and analyze traffic

Google Domains
Find a domain and build a website for your business

Watch, upload and share videos

Google Play
Your music, movies, books, and Android apps available anywhere

Search the full text of books

Image Search
Search for images on the web

Search thousands of news stories

Video Search
Search for videos on the web

Find, edit and share your photos


View maps and directions

Explore the world from your computer

Explore and share photos of the world

Specialized Search

Custom Search
Create a customized search experience for your community

Patent Search
Search the full text of US Patents

Google Shopping
Search for stuff to buy

Business info, news and interactive charts

Search scholarly papers

Explore past and present search trends

Home & Office

Fast, searchable email with less spam

Create, share and keep all your stuff in one place

Open, edit, and create documents

Open, edit, and create spreadsheets

Open, edit, and create presentations

Build free surveys

Create diagrams and flow charts

Create websites and secure group wikis

Organize your schedule and share events with friends

Instantly translate text, web pages, and files between over 50 languages

One number for all your phones, online voicemail and cheap calling

Google Wallet
Make your phone your wallet

Google Cloud Print
Print anywhere, from any device

Google Keep
Save what’s on your mind

Google Store
Explore and shop the latest products made with Google

Real-life sharing, rethought for the web

Share your life online with a blog - it's quick, easy and free

Create mailing lists and discussion groups

Conversations that come to life. Anytime, anywhere, for free


Developer tools, APIs and resources

Today I was interviewed and had an opportunity to discuss my Google story and how I started my business on practically no budget and how I stayed in business.

We talked about tools like:

Google Apps For Work
Google Analytics
Google My Business
Google AdWords
Google Hangouts On Air
Google Drive
Google Docs
Google Sheets
Google Slides
Google Communities
Google Collection


What Was Your Favorite? Strategies, Tools, or Tips?
8 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Google Strategies
Google Tools
Google Tips
Everything Shared
Some of What Was Shared
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Zhi Yuan Tan

Working Smarter  - 
The 6th and latest version of SEOPressor, the SEOPressor Connect is officially live! With many added features, this is a plugin that promises to solve all your WordPress On-Page SEO problems.
The 6th and latest version of SEOPressor, the SEOPressor Connect is now officially live! With many added features, this is a plugin that promises to solve all your On-Page SEO problems.
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David Kutcher

Working Smarter  - 
If you're a business often promoting your website through sharing links and aren't using UTM encoding for all of your link shares to social media and elsewhere, you need to read this

I get it, UTM codes can be confusing, a pain in the butt to use, and even when you remember to use them you probably aren't sure what to look for when it comes back to Google Analytics. Or what I just wrote makes your eyes glaze over, just keeping reading.

I get it, I really do.

UTM codes will enable you to see:

where are they coming from,
where are the most profitable coming from, and
which messages/campaigns are having the greatest impact

Seems valuable, right?

So here's what we've done.

1) read our blog post to get more information about UTM codes and how to use them:

2) install our handy-dandy new UTM-creating Chrome browser extension (free!):

3) add our introductory Google Analytics dashboard to your Analytics, which will give you a start for seeing the results of your campaigns:

Really quick, really easy, our goal is to help you make UTM encoding part of your normal process without adding overhead. Not only that, but we want to see you able to track the results and start getting actionable intelligence.

Have questions? Just ask.
You know what's trending, but do you know what's converting? UTM encoded URLs, and the UTMftw, can help you improve your messaging and goal conversion strategy.
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thanks for sharing...must try..
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Oklahoma Transcendence

Working Smarter  - 
Setting Limits on Daily Tasks

With all of the hurdles you must cross to successfully run your business, the topic of time management comes up frequently. The number of things to get done far exceeds the time allotted. I spend a great deal of my time corresponding with other companies and businesses. That being said, I also find myself sending and replying to emails that don't pertain to work. Frequently!

Google for Work suggests setting limitations on certain tasks throughout your day. If we set these boundaries and adhere to them, there stands to be a great percentage in productivity. Pretty simple, in theory...

#Business   #BusinessDevelopment   #BusinessDeveloper #BusinessData   #OklahomaTranscendence   #DataIntegration #Integration   #AppDeveloper   #Marketing   #MarketAnalysis #ResearchMarketing   #OnlineMarketing   #Oklahoma   #Tulsa #TulsaBusiness   #TulsaMarketing   #TulsaChamber   #Applications   #WebApplications #WebsiteDesign   #WebDesign     #ASP #Remarketing #PPC #WordPress #BigData
Set limits on email so you can spend more time getting things done: via +Fast Company 
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I couldn't agree more. ..
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Iteck Solutions LLC

Working Smarter  - 
 In honor of National Small Business Week, the SBA is highlighting it’s Technology Coalition which provides resources for tech solutions and tools catering to the small business community.  New technology solutions can provide new means for growth for small businesses as well as tools to enhance cybersecurity even on a small business scale. #smallbizweek #sba #technologycoalition #DreamBigStartSmall #cybersecurity  
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Hi Townscape is a chartered Town Planning and Heritage consultant based in the Uk
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Welcome to the group, glad to have you!
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Aiko at ToolMuse

Working Smarter  - 
There's such a jungle of content out there!

What are THREE BOOKS that you'd recommend me to read on social media marketing? Thanks!
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Anita Campbell

Running Your Business  - 
Want to start a business but short on cash? No problem! This handy checklist can help.
Got a great business idea and want to start a business with no money? You're not alone. But for ...
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+Anita Campbell - love the checklist.
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Tracy Becker

Running Your Business  - 
It can be a struggle for many business owners to fully understand the complexity of their credit profile and how much of an effect it can have on their growth.

There is a lack of information shared with businesses, and many are unaware that their business credit profile can be accessed at anytime, by anyone, without the owners consent or knowledge. A lender, creditor, or vendor may chose to deny funding, increase pricing, or partner with a different supplier/business - you may never know why you were denied because they are not obligated to inform you.

Let me ask - How concerned are you with monitoring your business credit profile? Are you worried about being able to obtain funding when the time comes?
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