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Name: Johnson             Rank: Commando
Favorite Weapons:    50 cal rifles, M60 LMG
Tac-Gear:   Combat hazmat Suit, kevlar Body armor
 Suit Perks:    Adv Rad res. , self-contained breathing apparatus or (SCBA) 
Nuclear powered batteries, Night vision goggles.
Extras:     Geiger counter,  (20) mask filters, (500) 50cal. Rounds
Combat Knife, (2) flashbangs, and a hand grenade 
BIO: The last survivor of Air force One. Also president's personal Marine. 

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Name: Sone Wolf
Age: 23
Gender: male
Height: 6'1
Weight: 200 pounds
Weapons (3 guns):  a silenced 9mm pistol, an a M1grand scoped, an a machete 
Items: a gas mask an one filter
Bio: he doesnt have a very said tell, he didnt have family, any friends, but it still made its mark on him, though he think an believes it hasnt

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Name: Leon Marring
Age: 30
Height: 6'0
Weapons: A NV-scoped Tikhar,Helsing, and a revolver
Items: Ball barrings (100), steel bolts (80), Throwing Knives (10), and Gas mask with filters (10)
Bio: Leon was a simple man who was caught between the biggest war in history. Raised in Italy, Leon remained out of the war but fled when it was annihilated into Moscow. He than took the job as being a Delivery man and guide for the Rangers. He is an excellent marksman and knows the underground and surface like it's his home
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you see me killing and putting the body parts of the mutants into a holding suitcase that should be worth 12 coins there
(open rp 3 people may still join)

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Here are the weapons you can choose from BUT REMEMBER, Some ammunition is harder to find than others.
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