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I’m teaching an Advanced Education Workshop at the largest spa and wellness show in the country!
_Register before May 30 and save $45 on my class.
Advance Pricing: $135 | After May 30: $180_

★★★Facial Reflexology - Holistic Therapy and Beauty Method
SUNDAY JUNE 25 ~ 10:00AM – 1:00PM
Patryck Aguilar Cassarà
—President, International School of Multireflexology—
The shift towards natural, holistic therapy and beauty is emerging in the marketplace. Eastern philosophies are being integrated into a variety of wellness and esthetic programs to satisfy this need and differentiate the offerings available to clients. Dien Chan - Facial Reflexology is an exciting, effective and unique method with dual benefits in beauty and health. Practiced in Asia and Europe for the past 30 years, it is a practical method utilizing the principals of TCM, acupuncture and reflexology. Learn how the face is mapped and corresponds to different parts of the body, organs, glands and meridians. By stimulating these areas along with understanding the physical and emotional trauma that is visible on the face, we can release blockages in the muscle and nerves relieving its associated symptom and treating or eliminating the related wrinkle, spot or scar.

Register before prices increase!

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Everyone who wants to discover and commit to the well-being of their peers and themselves should be able to do so with Chan’beauté.
The trend today is for relaxing, natural care and many Wellness Professionals and Spas have asked us for advice on how to integrate the therapeutic aspects of Chan’beauté into their aesthetic treatments.
At EiMDC (the school of Multireflexology – Dien Chan), the more we worked, the more we realized that we could not lock all our knowledge inside a simple manual just for our students. That would be a pity!

So, even though this was not our first objective, we began to write our advice.
We didn't want it to be a dense, boring text book; we wanted it to be illustrated, to breathe. However the notes and illustrations dragged us into a new dimension.
We realized, as time went on, that this document needed to be transformed into a magazine of enlightening and practical use. However many doubts arose and questions flourished.
The beginning of creativity!

Over the past few years we have received a great deal of feedback with the many comments and testimonials sent to us. It confirmed the enthusiasm everyone had for natural beauty and has encouraged us to move on.
So to all the readers, aesthetic professionals, students and those who believe in natural beauty, we want to thank you for using the facial tools, enjoying Chan’beauté and sharing your experiences with us.

Our goal is to have a manual not only for our students within the Chan'beauté universe, but for you too! – Someone who has not yet taken any training courses.
To help us continue in the right direction, please take a few moments to answer our mini survey - we value your opinions.

➤ Let’s answer the mini-survey at

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We are working hard
Dear friends, students, teachers, therapists… Shhh, it’s a secret but we have nearly finished the new Chan’beauté syllabus!
Very important: check that you receive correctly our newsletter not to miss the next launch!
See you at and you will know more about it!
To be continued…

➤ What is Chan’beauté:

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A physiological and normal step in a woman's life: MENOPAUSE
Menopause is the time of life when a woman's ovaries stop ovulating and menstruation ends. The average age for menopause to begin (pre-menopausal) is 50, although it can begin as early as early 40,s.
There is a tremendous range of treatments, but like everything in life there is no ideal treatment or "quick fix" pill and symptoms can range from almost nothing to down right annoying.
You question the effectiveness and possible harmful side effects that come with Hormone Replacement Therapy pills (HRT) and we share your decision not to use them.
So here are some tips:

Dress in layers, so you can remove a layer or two if you get really hot.
Maintain a lower room temperature, (your family may have to add a layer of clothing) and avoid hot drinks, like tea or coffee.
During hot flashes place a cold, wet washcloth on your neck. And avoid smoking, take this opportunity to quit!

Thanks to it's spiked design, the brass toothed cylinder of multireflex tool nº219, enables faster and deeper cooling to the skin without damaging it, and it encourages the body's natural auto-regulation to reduce heat and soothe hot flashes.
For 3 minutes, starting at your forehead gently roll back and forth over your entire face, working small areas at a time. From the forehead work towards your temples, then down through your cheeks and around your mouth to your chin. Because of the yin effects of the tool (refreshing and dispersing), you will quickly rebalance your body and cool down. Repeat the treatment whenever the first signs of a hot flash appear.
With the mini rake end of the tool gently rake the sides of your nose, (which, on one of the many Dien Chan diagrams, reflects the uterus) and under the eyes (which reflects the ovaries) to regulate ovarian activity. 2 minutes per eye will be sufficient.
Keep the tool in the fridge after each use to make the yin effects even more effective; it's much better than using an ice cube.

This is caused by decreased estrogen levels, as the ovaries begin to close down.
Everyone wants to stay fresh and clean and intimate shower products are increasingly advertised on TV, but they can actually cause vaginal dryness, and too intense hygiene destroys the natural bacterial flora in the vagina which protects you and allows natural lubrication... and there are many lubricating gels advertised for that too; it's a vicious circle!
Use only a gentle lubricant before sexual intercourse and natural vaginal moisturizers.
Dien Chan suggests you massage around the lips of your mouth just before an intimate relationship as this increases your body’s natural lubrication.
And as a supporting treatment, stimulate the bqc·points 3· 287· 38· 63· on the left side of your face only, with the rubber tip of the little hammer nº128.

For SLEEP disturbances:
Go to bed when you are sleepy and get up at the same time every morning.
Remove all screens from the bedroom (mobile, tablet, TV, etc...)
Avoid caffeine and other stimulants after midday and do not consume alcohol.
If your brain is “too busy” at bed time, use the rubber tip of the little hammer nº128, to tap gently on bqc·points 124· 34·. These points relieve stress and will help you sleep well.
To facilitate “letting go” again, tap gently with the little hammer on bqc·points 103· 37·.

Try to stay active and exercise.
Seek emotional support among women in the same, or similar situation.
Also follow this Dien Chan treatment: Using the Yin rake nº416 gently rake your skull (not just brush your hair) from the forehead to the nape of your neck for 5 minutes. You will soon notice how your energy levels rise.

Come on!
This change of life, as we all know as “The Change” is the time to start your journey of personal wisdom and leadership, just as nature planned in her evolutionary project.
Buy your tools at or to see each tool description:

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Buzzzz, Hiisss, Whistle –› Tinnitus
The constant ringing that seems to come from inside your head, known as Tinnitus, is suffered by many, in fact too many. Some describe it as “Bees buzzing” others as “A wind whistle” and others “The hiss of an old TV” (White Noise)
There are so many causes that it's particularly difficult to resolve - A hearing disorder. Accidents, such as head trauma, loud headphones or earbuds, loud concerts, using construction or lawn equipment without hearing protection. Even overuse of drugs, especially anti-inflammatories and antibiotics.
Antidepressants also do not solve the problem and in fact can have a contrary effect. It is much better to seek natural remedies without contraindications!
In Dien Chan we try to reach the cause through several multireflexology roads.

• Looking at the diagram of the ears on the face we see that the area of the antitragus of the ear (the cartilage located just above the earlobe) coincides with the zone of the adrenals on the viscera of the face (bqc·point 17·).
Using multireflex detector nº101 almost vertically, we can stimulate to find a sore spot on the lower contour of the ear hole. This is often a very painful point, so detectors with spring pressure, which do not allow adjustment to the stimulations, are not recommended.
The complete facial formula is: 300· 290· 45· 17· 235·. Using the small yang hammer nº128, tap for 30 seconds, 3 times per point.
As always Dien Chan has the extraordinary ability to verify theories in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) bqc·points 300· are the kidneys, which reflex the ears and vice versa... Amazing – yes?

• The same diagrams also show us that the gallbladder may be involved. And this is interesting as it often happens that the meridian of the Gallbladder is used for hearing disorders and a “tour around” the ear, stimulating the bqc·points 41· 233· and 50· rebalances the hepatic system (liver).

• On an emotional level remember, the energy of the gallbladder is involved with decision-making and the ears which reflect the kidneys - buried fears.
When angry, or a rage has started, tinnitus can be provoked. In this case we have to treat the liver (see formula above) and add the bqc·point 70· on the left side; yin point that rebalances the liver (calms and cools).

However, Tinnitus can be a symptom of other disturbances. In Dien Chan we have the ability to test without risk.

• Bqc·points 5·, 74· and 10· correspond to the cranial nerve nº7 which controls facial muscles, saliva and tear secretion and also the sensibility of the ear. Point 5· and 74· are located in the centre of the nasal fin and at it’s base. They allow us to resolve problems of tinnitus linked with cranial nerves. When pressure is applied, the pain (especially point 5·) is very accurate for locating their positions. Stimulate 3 times for 20 seconds each one.

• The principle of similarity, guides the creative therapist to the Malleolus in the ankle that resemble the Antitragus of the ear.
Stimulate the area with a yang tool, or use moxa to warm the area.

➤ Tinnitus is not an easy condition to resolve, but we do get good results once we find the right “path” - Kidney's, Liver, Cranial nerve(s) or similarity of shape.

★ For individual self-treatment: Find your “path” and apply, daily for 3 minutes.
★ For professionals: Show your client how, in the comfort of their home, to use the small yang hammer nº128, and the points they should be addressing. It is only by sharing your knowledge that your credibility and confidence will grow.

The Multireflex tools are available at

More information at

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Wrinkles and lines of expression
If you want to power the active ingredients of your cream and this way use less… and this way to be able to buy a better quality one…
It is very simple:
Before applying your cream, realize a soft massage of the contour of your eyes with the mini-brush side of multireflex tool nº252. Softly, “kneading” without never damaging the skin, draw small circles during 3 minutes.
You can follow the sense of the ∞ beginning from the superciliary left arch surrounding the eyes as glasses.
This massage beside activating the blood microcirculation, drains the liquids and prepares to a better absorption of the active ingredients of the cream that you apply after.
You will see that you will be able to put less product and that its effects will be major.

With the smooth cylinder you can revise the circles and around the commissures of the eyes “iron” wrinkles and refresh the skin.
But at dusk if you have to go out, the ideal thing is to pass the cold cylinder of brass (golden part of the tool) on the most “subdued” zones of the face. You will notice how you recover light in your eyes and how the facial muscles are strengthened.

➤ They are too simple gestures with common sense for an industry greedy for chemical innovations!
Buy your tools in the or reach directly every data sheet:

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Smoking and nervous system
Q?:: Can I work the stop-smoking for a pregnant woman of less than 3 months. Ray the face, to raise the energy? The use of the hammer does not seem to me appropriate.
Thank you in advance for your information feedback.
Sincerely, Dominique C.
✔︎ On a pregnant woman it is not to stimulate any points under the horizontal line that crosses bqc·points 50· and 39· because organs are compressed by the baby and it could disturb him.
We shall thus use the diagram of internal organs on the forehead.
For a treatment to stop smoking more than to raise the energy it would certainly be necessary to calm the nervous system. The small hammer nº128 is the most indicated because it allows us to stimulate bqc·points 124· and 34· to calm and 103· to strengthen the will power to stop (they are all on the forehead).
Then a good trick is to stimulate the bqc·point 14· every time we re-feel the envy to light one. It corresponds to the throat and makes salivate; it is just situated in the junction of the lobe with the ear.
Raying the forehead allows to make a “reset” and to change the taste of the cigarette; to more bitter.
With the application you will find all the diagrams and many more protocols of care more detailed that you can adapt.

➤ The data sheets of pointers about the multireflex tools of Dien Chan are available on the

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❝❝❝Béatrice's testimony
I learnt that in Chan’beauté we consider our skin as our private garden.
Then now, I prepare at first “the ground” by raking with my small precious tools to sow and later harvest the fruits of it or rather the “flowers” of my efforts!
Thus this morning I raked delicately my face before applying my daily care.
I have already harvested a smile of satisfaction when I admire myself in the mirror …
Long live Spring!

➤ ✤ Dien Chan and Chan’beauté courses in english are available on the website.
✤ Find your Chan’beauté tools at
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Today Lungs \ Baby
❓:: I wanted to know if it is possible to stimulate points on a child of age of 3 years to treat the asthma? If yes, which?
And another general question, can we stimulate any point to treat a child, there is not a minimal age?
Merci d'avance,
Camille C.
❗️:: We do not stimulate points on a child of less than 4 years old but rather zones and with the fingers.
For the small babies —for very surprising that this could seem— the ideal way is to treat the mother. In effect the communication mom - baby is very intense and the natural therapies allow to restore the balance of the energetic flow treating the mother.
For the asthma thinks about all the “respiratory” formulae of the book or of the application that are very effective.
Here what Faceasit’clinic proposes choosing:
››› Anatomy: lungs
››› Symptom: Asthma
Evidently we are not going to do all the bqc·points proposed!
We remember that Pr. Bùi Quôc Châu discovers numerous points on the face thanks to his treatments to drug addicts. In addition, the above mentioned were suffering very much of asthma.
For this reason, the principal bqc·point representative of the energy of the lungs is the number 3·. Because he numbered his points for chronological order of discovery, the retained ones for the treatment of the respiratory disorders are the first ones.
Faceasit’clinic proposes 100% of the possibilities and in order to facilitate the things, the bqc·points considered important are in red.
The points 3· and 13· of the left side allow to moisten (yin side) when the 3+ and 13+ (right side yang) allow us to dry and to warm the lungs.

Create a personal card from the fifth button (+) to eliminate those who are insensitive during the stimulation.
And pressing the elongated button you can transform the points into reflex zones (green).
We stimulate then the zones with the help of a tool with yin effects if we must increase the pulmonary dampness or rather yang if on the contrary we want to dry and to increase the temperature. For example the multireflex tool nº219 and its mini-rake for yin effects and the tool nº307 for yang effects.

➤ The complete user-guide of the App Faceasit’clinic is at
Or directly on the AppStore at
Available in English, Spanish, German and French

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