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Even though the debate over pesticides and pollution still rages, we know that the body is our landscape and the face, our garden.
So let's avoid damaging them (as well as our planet) and discover how Multireflexology – Dien Chan and Chan'beauté allows you to put into practice our vision of natural, modern therapeutic and aesthetic techniques, that reduce our contamination footprint.

🌸 The interactive Chan’beauté magazine offers you numerous protocols, bqc·point formulas and step-by-step solutions, as well as quick access to practical treatments, are just a few of the interactive advantages.
The Chan’beauté interactive magazine is available at {for more details } and it works on all iOS versions.

News: Faceasit, the only Dien Chan app that builds bqc·points formulas, is updated to iOS11.

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⁉️Diane asks: «_I would like to know if I can use the Triple roller on the back of my upper legs? I have become quite thin and I do not like my saggy thighs_».

➤ The Triple yang roller is great for large surfaces, but you can use any multireflex yang tool that suits you best.

☀️ Here is a quick summary of the Chan'beauté protocol:
① Without using too much pressure (to avoid damaging the skin) stimulate the area, with the Triple yang roller nº438 or the Double yang ball nº410, and roll for 4 minutes.

② Next using the Beauty pad nº377 (or your preferred colour of the polymer resin collection), gently draw circles around the crease at the back of the knee and the back of the ankle for about 1 minute on each zone to activate the lymphatic system.

③ To distribute the nutrients mobilized by the first step (yang) and to hydrate the area, finish by rolling the back of the thigh for 3 minutes using the Double yin ball nº411.

Repeat the 3 steps on the other leg

④ To complete and consolidate this protocol, we stimulate the reflex zones of the legs on the face.
The Dien Chan diagram of the body on the face reflects the nasolabial fold (smile line) which, if it is abnormally deep, represents a fat imbalance in the legs.
Using the Beauty brush nº252, draw small, delicate, semi-circles (“Kneading” not raking) over the area for 2 minutes on each side of the face. Along the same lines, gently roll the brass cylinder of the same tool 6 times, to refresh and moisturize.

Multireflexology note: These reflex zones are also seen on the Dien chan diagram of the Viscera (internal organs): Specifically the large intestine, and affirms; Intestine —› poor digestion = fat...

_Multireflex tools listed:

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MaríaHelena has been practicing Chan'beauté for two years and she says: "Every day I feel better about myself; I know myself better, I question less, and knowing that I am beautiful, is part of the pleasure of living.”
Signs of changes in the complexion such as fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness of the skin and, especially in the case of oily skin, enlarged pores, tell us about the state of our inner health.
A healthy diet and physical activity are obviously recommended, but how do we enhance the vital functions of our body without using drugs?

At the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan (EiMDC) we believe that using natural methods to treat most common disorders is beneficial. We share the idea that excessive consumption of drugs fatigues the liver and kidneys; both of which filter and clean our blood of toxins and waste. Not to mention the pollution this generates in our water.
The same goes for cosmetics that have preservatives and emulsifiers, as these enter the blood stream through the skin.

Here's a simple, 3 steps example using Chan’beauté:
💬 How to reduce wrinkles around the eyes popularly known as "crow's feet" ?
These wrinkles indicate tension in the frontal muscle, (raises our eyebrows), the orbicularis oculi muscles (closes our eyelids) and in the zygomaticus muscles (makes us smile).

• Step 1 - Preparation
(2 minutes) With the natural horn Concave yang roller, stimulate the contour of each eye by rolling horizontally across the eyebrow and cheekbone.
✤ This action causes vasodilation (widening of the blood vessels), increasing blood flow to the area, along with essential nutrients.

• Step 2 - Distribution of the nutrients
(2 minutes) Stimulate the same areas using the smooth brass sphere.
✤This reduces wrinkles and other results of time, as well as recovering elasticity and shine to the face.

⊕ After completing the first two steps (yang and yin stimulations), we need to discover the root of the problem and we have the opportunity to investigate this using the Dien Chan diagrams of reflection and asking pertinent questions.

• Step 3 - The multireflexology questions
a] The Dien Chan diagram of the extremities on the face indicates that the temples reflect the hands, so we ask the question: —*Do you have pain in your wrists or hands?
If the answer is “yes” it means that muscle, joint or tendon pains are being reflected on this area of the face.
To reduce the pain, regain flexibility in the hand and improve blood circulation, complete the aesthetic care by treating the back of the hands and wrists to relieve tension. Work for 2 minutes on each hand, carefully rolling along every finger with the ergonomically shaped concave horn roller. Relief is immediate.

b] The Dien Chan "Rodin" diagram of reflection on the face indicates that the temples also reflect the head and allows us to ask another question:
—*Do you suffer from headaches?
If, at the time of treatment the headache is active, relieve it by gently stimulating the temples with the smooth brass sphere or the soft-spiked yin side of the Little hammer. Depending on the cause of the headache apply one of the bqc·point formulas noted in the Chan'beauté magazine in the “Venus'step-by-step” wrinkles segment.

c] At the start of the treatment, if we notice that the area around one eye is darker than the other, we usually think of a dysfunction of the female reproductive system and we can ask:
—*Do you suffer from painful menstruation, heavy periods or injury?*
If the answer is “yes” it means that we have to reinforce the hormonal functions and the blood flow to the ovaries. To do this, stimulate the contour of the eye (same area as step 1) using the concave yang roller, then apply the bqc·points formula “Regulate the hormonal system”.

With this “crow's feet” example, we show that facial reflexology allows you to reach the root of an imbalance and proves that it adds a therapeutic dimension to all your beauty and wellness treatments.
Combining your knowledge of Multireflexology – Dien Chan with the effects of the multireflex tools gives you a wide range of protocols for Chan'beauté: The natural aesthetic and therapeutic method.

❞ If your client is, or thinks she may be, pregnant this formula must not be used.

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Yin-yang roller for hydration
Vacations are over and after this years sun exposure, it’s time to pamper your skin. Performing a daily routine is the only way to keep glowing, supple skin that will resist the environmental agressions and to stay healthy. This self-care commitment will highly upgrade your natural moisturizing process. Restore mature skin. Recover softness. Regain vitality.

🔹 On dry skin: Start by using the yang (stimulating) side of your multireflex tool for 1 minute to mobilize the deep hydrating nutrients and for detoxification. Then roll with the yin (cold) side of the tool for at least 2 minutes per zone.
🔸 On normal to oily skin: Roll with the yang side of your multireflex tool for at least 3 minutes to reach and balance the deepest hypodermics levels. Then, for 2 minutes roll with the yin tool on the same surface to distribute the nutrients.

✔︎ Following our protocol, apply your favourite moisturizer allowing deeper penetration of its active ingredients. For that irresistible flawless look of shimmering skin, we give you the increase of micro-circulation, detoxification and natural hydration produced by multireflex tools.

😎 Fun tip! Out and about? Touch up your face with a moisturizing treat and feel refreshed with our yin rollers.

The yang side: smooth spiked ball made of natural horn with natural antiseptic properties.
Yin side: black roller of metal smooth prongs.

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The Chan'beauté interactive magazine works inside FileMakerGo15 (iOS9/10/11), the kiosk that will contain not only the interactive magazine but also the documents you generate in the ChanBeauté’Clinic version (personalized care, cards and formulas etc...).

① Install FilemakerGo15, for free, on your iPad and iPhone, before installing the Chan'beaute magazine.
Here is the link:

② Then, using Safari, go to and download the magazine which will open automatically in FileMakerGo15.
⚠️ You cannot access the magazine download from Facebook, the page must be opened using Safari.
To open a page in Safari from Facebook, use the 3 dots button ⋮ in the upper right corner on iPad (or ⋮ lower right corner on iPhone) and choose “Open in Safari”.
✤ Once in the pink background page , just follow the instructions.

📸  The magazine opens with the Demo version, where you can browse through all the segments to get an idea of the contents.
✅ To see the possibilities and the differences of ChanBeauté’pro and ChanBeauté’clinic visit

③ From the “General Preferences” of your magazine (settings button ⚙ on the cover) you can purchase either ChanBeauté’pro or the full version ChanBeauté’clinic.

☀️I hope this information is helpful!
If you have any additional questions please

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★★★ ★★★
🇨🇦Don’t miss the special launching price of the Chan’beauté interactive magazine. Download your free version now!
Open the link in Safari if you are on iPad\iPhone

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That’s it! My nerves are getting the best of me and so without further ado, I hope you enjoy this beautiful miracle we have created for you!
The Chan’beauté interactive magazine is finally ready and published on
For a complete user guide on how to use this interactive magazine, please visit
A help button is also displayed on each page of our magazine to offer you further assistance.
As part of this launch, we welcome you to download the ‘demo’ version, you will see the features of different versions in order to update to the best one suited for you. Do this here:
I am anxious to know what your experience is like, any questions or feedback can reach me at
and now, please enjoy…
Thank you for your support.

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Episode 9: Acknowledgements
Dear readers and lovers of natural therapies, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for following my nine episode story. And for your patience...
I especially want to thank you, our student who have participated in a course and you who plan on taking one. You who asked questions, who sent me your testimonial and stories and who, with your comments, encouraged me to continue. As well as all those who answered the survey and gave me many ideas on how to present the project.
In addition I want to take advantage of this final episode to also thank all our teachers, who have worked so hard to make our school (EiMDC) the sole reference for Dien Chan and Chan'beauté. And of course all our great followers who, since 2002, have trusted our growing team and continue to spread this message internationally.

As I have told you in the previous episodes of the blog, the magazine was born from a need to offer, not only a source of inspiration to our students but also, in a modern way, to embrace Chan'beauté's aesthetic-therapeutic natural self-care, for beginners.
I believe that by practicing natural therapies we participate in a healthier and environmentally friendly, more balanced world. Whenever we help someone consume fewer confort drugs, use fewer cosmetics, we lessen water pollution, thereby our oceans and our beautiful, unique planet. That we all have to participate in this change is a necessity. And because we are confident that you believe a more holistic view is plausible, that a better world is possible; we want you all to be part of this community.

As for the interactive Chan'beauté magazine itself, I obviously can not bore you here with a never ending list of names (which are in the magazine of course) but I would like to take this opportunity to thank Erica Layton and Michael Weiland, who also share the idea that knowledge is not a commodity in itself and for their extraordinary partnership in founding Multireflex – NorthAmerica.
We all realise we have to do «our part to change the world» and we believe our knowledge and refining the art of creative teaching aids, and then sharing the idea - makes the difference.

Now it is time to share with you this wonderful experience that is Dien Chan and now also - Chan'beauté.
We will offer 3 versions of the magazine:
The free Demo version which allows you to visit each segment to get an idea of it's capabilities and depending on your needs the 'Pro or 'Clinic versions. All available on iPhone and iPad.
Everything is detailed on our web site:
So, see you next week for the outcome…

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Episode 8:  An Interview with Patryck Aguilar
I knew that Patryck was writing a summer mini series to tell you about the birth of this little jewel so, unbeknownst to him, I decided to do an interview.
He had installed the latest version of the Chan’beauté magazine on my iPad and, taking advantage of the holidays I started to flip through – but I had a few questions.
Now I want to share his answers with you...

—Béatrice: By the way, I love the magazine that you installed on my iPad. But ultimately it's much more than just support for your Chan’beauté course, yes?
—Patryck: Oh yes, the reworked student syllabus soon became a book and everyone is fed up with not-so-practical-books. But at the time I was still thinking about paper media or a PDF and that's why I wanted to give it the appearance of a magazine with practical sheets rather than long theoretical chapters.

—Béatrice: A magazine? On iPad?
—Patryck: The magazine format is more flexible and can evolve if it is published regularly. But the classic magazine poses many economic problems. How many copies to begin with? How to distribute it? And because we have students and people following us in many countries, I wanted it to be in at least 3 languages. The idea was good but still very rooted in the twentieth century. I was quite convinced that we had to move to an electronic version. So when the content started building I decided to do a survey;  ask specific questions to support the strategy and to get an understanding of potential readers.

—Béatrice: And what were the results?
—Patryck: Well they were very encouraging - in all 3 languages - they had an average of 95% positive responses, with one exception: Whether you should pay for it?

—Béatrice: Your clients don't value your work?!
—Patryck: I find it very difficult to understand how it is that there are still some people who think that the work of others has no economic value. I have a hard time believing that these are people who do not get paid for what they do! Or are they people who live by Piracy? But how do they fill their fridge? And do they only read free newspapers, full of Ads?  It's surprising!  Maybe they don't realize that without advertising or sponsors, other than our work, we have no other sources of income. I do believe though that it's just ignorance, not bad intentions...

—Béatrice: OK, but why iPad? Not a web page?
—Patryck: A web page is handy for other things, but  the graphic design is not completely controllable because the browser used manages the typography, the spaces and so on. And a web page is too far away from my first concept of a magazine. 
I want this interactive magazine to be a real tool. I don't want an eBook that's passive, or a very expensive application (to avoid advertising). It's for those who want to learn, but cannot attend a course, so they can integrate Chan’beauté into their daily care.  
The concept of an interactive magazine also gives me the opportunity to use FileMakerGo as a kiosk for other projects trotting around in my head. And the Chan’beauté magazine will have free updates through the kiosk.

—Béatrice: Yes, but an iPad?
—Patryck: Oh yeah! This interactive magazine concept is a very encouraging solution and I wanted to offer it at a lower cost. So I decided to use a free application as a kiosk: FileMakerGo. A bargain for small niche structures like ours. We already have applications for our team of teachers at the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan (EiMDC) who use them on their iPads and the results are very good. Unfortunately, for now, FileMakerGo is not offered for Androïd because it cannot control the tablet model of the end user and it's therefore impossible to avoid operation problems. The advantage of an Apple device (iPad and so on) is that everything published on this platform is guaranteed to work.

—Béatrice: Sounds great, but stop confusing me with technicalities... Is it going to be expensive?
—Patryck: No, I hope to cover all the costs of translation, editing, models and photography fairly quickly. But above all, because the concept, the design, a huge part of the writing and all the programming came out of my little head, the expenses are smaller. When you are passionate you want to share with the greatest number!
As a test, last June, I presented a prototype of the magazine at the Wellness Convention in Las Vegas, to over a hundred people; aesthetics professionals, well-being professionals, spa managers and others, who loved it. The latter were actually surprised by the price and even said that it was not expensive at all. 
Many even wanted to pre-purchase - before the release!

—Béatrice: And when are you going to release this interactive magazine?
—Patryck: I confess to being a perfectionist and often it delays me, badly. Gillian, my Spanish-English translator, who's also a student of Dien Chan and Chan'beauté, has done a wonderful job for me. Thanks to this extraordinary editing work, I wanted to translate the English text improvements into Spanish and French as well. That delayed me a little bit.
I was also teaching in Canada for a month before Las Vegas. Sadly, more delay - I can't be everywhere all at the same time. So I decided to take advantage of the summer to tweak the magazine to perfection and intend to publish in September... 2017!

—Béatrice: Great, in a few days then!
—Patryck: Yes indeed - this week!
Oh, and I forgot to mention that each section; such as the free installation of FileMakerGo and the download of the interactive Chan'beauté magazine is detailed at

—Béatrice: I haven't looked at all the segments yet, but it does look easy to use. Is there a user manual?
—Patryck: Yes, but again that delayed me a little more, as I wanted user notes for each section and button; in three languages of course! In each chapter there is a help button that opens the appropriate page of the manual. However, as I decided to leave the user-guide on-line, so that the magazine doesn't take up too much space on the iPad or iPhone, you'll need a wifi connection to access it. But except for that, all the contents of the magazine work perfectly without a connection. That way, whether you're travelling by train, at the beach, in fact anywhere, you can flip through on your iPhone as well as use it as a tool on your iPad.

Well we are almost at the end of the mini series – one last episode before launch!
So see you again soon, as always on this screen!
And remember to share previous episodes from the page
All published episodes are available here

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Episode 7:  My clients are not passive, they care!
As we all know, today's women are looking for more natural care. Not only do they not want to smear themselves with dangerous, sometimes  carcinogenic products, but they're also concerned about the environmental impact some products can have. They care and that's good.
We also believe in being a part of this change towards a more sustainable world and want to provide you with solid information and precise stimulations for you to share.
For this reason I wanted to find a way to design treatments for Chan’beauté.

I had already developed something similar for the Dien Chan application: Faceasit’clinic (the facial reflexology App) and I wanted to advance this concept and also respond to students requests. So I conducted a survey to see whether integrated interactivity would be appropriate. The answers were very encouraging.
Not only was it going to support “Venus step-by-step", but it gave me the opportunity to offer a completely new segment dedicated to clients. Whoua!

So once again, I had to put on my “best" coder suit.
After weeks of reflection and searching the internet —trying not to reinvent the wheel— I finally came up with a fantastic idea. Why not offer a segment which included being able to draw areas (reflex zones) with your finger on a client's photograph, or a blank map, so they could work on themselves, at home, between sessions?
And here I'm going to give you a clue: It works!

The “Client” segment also had to have the ability to build a personalized treatment plan. Like your good friend, (you know, the one who subscribes to several health magazines) who cuts out all the tips for a particular disorder and then pastes them onto a card for you. So I included access to the Practical treatments, Protocols and bqc·point Formulas, as well as the tools.
All of this information, gathered into a PDF, is done without ever leaving the magazine or needing internet access to accomplish it, except of course to send the email to the client. 
All that was left to do was an appointment book… It's there!

Working closely with my collaborators, we tested the segment and realized that managing the multireflex tools and the ability to order them easily, also had to be included. And as a bonus, I developed a feature to create individual tool labels, complete with your resale price. I have to say, very proudly, that this segment is truly unique!

Obviously if you have arrived here you must be asking «But isn't it really an Application?»
My answer is «No!» Because I wanted to keep the possibility of updates and improvements easy, without depending on a publisher. So I'll tell you, in another episode how, thanks to the iPad, I managed to save my original concept of a Chan’beauté interactive magazine.

Why do I want to call it an interactive magazine? 
What makes it different? What's it's uniqueness?

The adventure continues ...
See you again soon, on this screen!

( published episodes, to review and share - are here )

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