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Just made this meme about The Last Jedi. Cracked myself up. So I decided to share it. Lol. 🖖

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(I got to go to a special screening of The Last Jedi)

I must start this spoiler-free review by saying: I refuse to grow old and die watching Star Wars.

With that said, I must note that The Last Jedi exceeds expectations and should be watched in your finest pair of stretchy pants because it’s a physical, emotional and mental workout. #TheLastJedi

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1. Was that really the director's name?
2. Did Rick and Morty get the meaning from the name or made it up?

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thoughts, excitement, disdain for the upcoming Bright movie on Netflix?
so like Alien nation but with orcs, elves and magic instead of spoiled milk :)
coming dec 22nd could be an interesting movie.

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Missing! Someone saw?

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New Zodiac found? 😨
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YES, hail the Squirrel-God
NO, they're all flat earther

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The Last Jedi: Spoiler-free overview of first reactions

This video carefully looks at the reactions from the premiere based on their content (it is spoiler-free). NOTE that many tweets highlight the importance of staying spoiler free!
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