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Not superbly sci fi, but a interesting read about how movie adaptions are made from book series. And in this case, go very wrong. (Not all the way through it myself, yet. )

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Did you enjoy buck Rogers back in the day?
I am surprised universal hasn't rebooted buck Rogers as a gritty darker series like they did with BSGino.

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Are you more of a fan of cyberpunk from the 80's or the newer stuff like altered carbon, Mr robot and blade runner 2049?

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How future really looks like ...

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Set off on a new adventure this #SundayMorning
Try the deep space #SciFi thriller Tusk: Book one of the #SolProtocol
New worlds. New beginnings. Old daemons
#ReadAndShare #Books #Art #Space #Kindle #ScienceFiction US UK

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All of my Science Fiction stories of “Margaret as University Professor” have been gathered together in one blog post. Although Science Fiction, some of these stories deal with and correct what happened in history. ENJOY!

Please GOTO
Professor stories
Professor stories

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Looking forward to checking this out over the weekend
For those with Youtube Premium/Red/Google Music All Access
ORIGIN follows a group of passengers lost in space— each of them desperate to escape their past.

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Your guy's thoughts?
Ask Ara Comic by fluffkevlar
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