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Little know fact...unless you knew

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The friedegg on drugs was shocking..but this is disgusting

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Haunting and awesome
Caminito (La Boca)
Buenos Aires, Argentina  ("leer más" para español)

Probably the most well-known corner in Argentina, the tourist heart of the La Boca neighbourhood.

Probablemente la esquina más conocida en Argentina, el corazón turístico del barrio de La Boca.

#argentina   #buenosaires   #laboca   #monochrome   #blackandwhite   #blancoynegro  

#10000photographers by +Robert SKREINER & +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS

My contribution to   #BTPCCC by +Best Top Photographer Group #BTPMonochromePro +BTP Monochrome Pro +Rinus Bakker 

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Hey guys I'm posting Chapters 1 & unfinished chapter 2 from my story "CATALYST" up on here now, if I get enough likes I will post the rest of Chapter 2!!! PLEASE READ!!


I stood at the base of the hill overlooking the burning city, Smoke and screams polluted the midnight air. Fire flew over the skyscrapers and came down slowly with a low roar. I grinned widely, my eyebrows narrowed and I squinted over the wreckage of the imperfect utopia that I resented for so long. It was over.
I looked up at the computer screen. He looked about 20. Maybe 21. His hair was a bright red. He wore a dark maroon hoodie. It outlined his features. The hood was set just at the base of his head. Just enough for a couple of strands to escape his hood. His green eyes darted towards my face, studying the expression written across my eyes. “You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!” The website read. It was strange and it made me feel isolated. As most things did.
Stranger: Hey!
You: Hi.
Stranger: How are you?
You: Good, you?
Stranger: Yeah not bad. Where are you from?
You: NY.
Stranger: Oh nice, I'm from England!
You: Cool.
Stranger: How old are you?
You: 19.
You: I’m taken if that’s what you were asking.
There was a deafening pause.
You: Sorry.
Stranger: Ha ha, I was just asking how old you were but good to know ;).
You: Lol.
Stranger: You know if you say you're taken that just makes me want you more :p Ha ha.
You: Lol.
Stranger: Sorry Ha ha!
You: It’s ok.
Stranger: So how long have you been with your boyfriend or girlfriend?
You: A month.
Stranger: Oh that's cool. Is it a boyfriend or a girlfriend? If it's a girlfriend then I guess I have no chance.
Stranger: !
You: Boyfriend.
I knew this was a lie. Alex died 2 years ago. I shifted in the chair and looked up at him. He was staring at me with some kind of greater interest. I hadn’t been in a relationship with anyone. I always thought Alex would come back. But I knew he was dead. He was never coming back. That was the thought that kept me up at night.  
Stranger: Aha ok, good!
You: Lol.
Stranger: You're happy with him?
You: Yeah.
Stranger: Cool cool, he treats you right?
You: Yes.
Stranger: That's good. I don't really trust guys in general but if you say he's good then I'll believe you.
You: Cool.
Stranger: If I were a girl I think I'd be a lesbian, too many guys are assholes, you know?
You: True.
Stranger: Plus girls are way more sensual, guys mostly just want to cum and they're done.
You: YEAH.
You: Whoa caps sorry.
Stranger: No worries.
Stranger: So it's like 1pm or nearly there in NY right?
You: Yeah
Stranger: Are you on vacation? Is it Thanksgiving yet? I don't know much about your holidays.
You: No I’m home from school because I’m sick but Thanksgiving is almost here and that means vacation.
I’m a compulsive liar.
Stranger: Ah ok, sorry to hear that you're sick.
You: It’s cool.
Stranger: I've got a bit of a cold myself but not much to complain about.
Stranger: But it's freezing in my room.
You: It sucks that I can’t talk but it’s nice to have the house to myself I think it’s too warm in here actually.
I’m a compulsive liar.
Stranger: No, it can never be too warm.
Stranger: Earlier I could see my own breath in my room it was that cold, that's why I have to wear my onesie.
You: Whoa that’s too cold
Stranger: Mhmm
Stranger: Come cuddle with me and make me warm! Ha ha!
You: Lol.
Stranger: I wish anyway.
You: We all have wishes.
Stranger: Mhmm. I know this is probably wasted on you but you are really quite gorgeous.
You: Thanks it’s better than being called pig nose by everybody.
Stranger: Yeah I suppose it is, I don't see why they would say that.
You: I don’t know why either, it’s pointless and childish.
Stranger: Yeah. Well you look pretty to me, and obviously to your boyfriend too so don't listen to them.
You: I try not to, it’s just hard sometimes, you know?
Stranger: Yeah, a lot of people on here say that I have a big nose, I just laugh at them now ha ha. It's mostly girls who want to build themselves up by insulting people when there's really no point.
You: That is such a true statement. Try telling that to the preps, cheerleaders, and general population of asses in my college.
I’m a compulsive liar.
Stranger: Ha ha, they're not mature enough to listen, one day they will realize how superficial they all are.
You: I doubt they’ll listen.
Stranger: It's hard to tell because it's kind of dark but you look like you have a nice body.
You: Nope.
Stranger: You don't know what I think is nice.
You: I’m a fat load, gym is humiliating for my friends and I, and we hate it.
You: Lol.
Stranger: You seem to be very innocent ha ha, am I right?
You: For the most part I’m pretty quiet.
I’m a compulsive liar.
Stranger: Quiet doesn't mean innocent though.
You: Yeah I know.
Stranger: I think I'm going to go because you're far too nice to be talking to me lol. Have a good day!
The chat ended abruptly. And I closed my laptop. I started to walk into the living room. I hated this room. In never sent a strong message about who I was. The walls were a light beige, it looked like the color of vomit to me. To others it looked “innovative and very creative”. Ever since Alex died I kept this room the same. I always tried to avoid this room. It was haunted with his soul. The couch was torn up from his cat, B.J.A, we named him B.J.A. after Billie Joe Armstrong. I gave his cat to the nice family across the street after Alex died. I stood in the opening of the living room for what seemed like forever. Analyzing the furniture that was sprawled upon the carpet. I watched the sunlight hitting the walls through the blinds. A few cars pass. I sit down reluctantly on the armchair. My fingers sinking in to the chair, as if I could feel him in the room with me. I turned on the T.V. and flipped through channels. Each person on the screen being cut off from my demand. I stopped on channel 11.
“In the news today, four people crossed the line from Danwell’s point. The four were shot brutally on the spot.  The district police tell us that the four were suspects of the shooting in two other districts. One has a mental illness, as we believe it is schizo-”
I turned off the T.V. quickly. I didn't want to hear about the stupid border. It pissed me off that this dumb tyrant did this to us. He betrayed us and deceived us. He damned us all and condemned us to this hellish-utopia. Fucking wonderful place. I pulled the lone string connected to the armchair with a burning anger. I sighed. The string disconnected from the couch. I dropped I to the floor, as I watched it slink to the carpet below my feet. Why is every mental illness categorized as schizophrenia? The thought boggled me. I slowly got up from the chair and stepped into the hallway. My hands cringed and shook and I gripped the wall to steady myself. I focused on the creases on the wooden floor. Each line curved into another one. Winding into the next board intertwined with each other. Endlessly until the end of the hallway. I clenched my teeth and inhaled all the air I could muster. Then exhaling loudly I let go of the wall. I groaned. This was my life.
The cool air made my hair stand on end. The light flickered “walk”, I walked in a straight line down the crosswalk with the other Bytes. I remembered to button my suit to the top, just like everyone else. I didn't want to be killed. These shitty clothes should have come with coats. I shivered slightly and hurried in the building with the Bytes. Some Town-Hall. Two fold-up chairs sat in the corner of the room, both were worn out and rusting more than they were aging. The walls were painted “apple green”, to me it was “hospital green”. Oops. Have I aired my opinion out too much? Crap, I’m dead. It was dim and the lights blinked as one popped sparks all over the room. A couple quickly stumbled over to the chairs, they shuddered in fear at the sparks. There was more to fear but I wasn't afraid. I had been through the worst. They must be from another district. Some sat on the floor. I stood. I wasn't going to sit on the same floor Alex was killed on. But this was a touchy subject. No one talked about him anymore. In fact, when somebody died, no one ever talked about them. Ever. It was some kind of thing that spread throughout our district. I always wondered how he was killed though. Nobody was allowed to tell me. All I got was that Alex was killed in the Town-Hall. A letter sent from the government. Or happy sunshine lollipop land. You take your pick. A cockroach scurried over my shoe and into a damp corner, than squeezed into a crack in the wall, as it disappeared, more people entered the abysmal hall of shit. I finally sat down. The district leader (or Mr. Fail as I call him) walked in and stood on the podium. Probably one of the only thing in the Town-Hall, or the Town-Hall itself in its entirety that did not look a day over 100 years old. Maybe Mr. Fail knew that just to piss us off. Mr. Fail rose his hands and the room immediately silenced. Not a whisper broke the perfectly quiet room.


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Check out this hour loop I made from Shane's "HORNY ALL THE TIME!!"

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I only know a part of it all but I all of the parts

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