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still trying my art, hope you like them.
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hello guys! i'm also an avid fan of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit..i super love the elves especially Legolas and Thranduil <3 :)... i'm also new to this community, soo can i join to this team?? :)

hello guys! i'm new here... :) i'm also a super fan of lord of the rings and the hobbit... <3.. out of curiousity- would you rather marry legolas or thranduil??

Hi guys! Im relatively new to this community, but can i join this team?

Hello everyone!! Im new to this community and was wondering what the "Teams" were. Is there a way to join one? 

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I know it has been a while since #MidsummerMoot , but I saw these photos on Twitter and they reminded me of our challenge to photograph an Ent! I wish some of these guys lived in my neck of the woods!

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Un bellissimo evento a Barletta , L'HOBBIT VILLAGE 2015 :)
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Since Halloween is coming up and some of us are already planning out what to wear (just got my sewing patterns in the mail today!) I thought this would be a fun article for anyone wanting to create their own Sting.  It is the best tutorial (and best looking version) I've come across.
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