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Erica is in Tir Nag Og forest and is thankful to be there. I've missed this place.

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Name: Erica
Age: 15 years old
Gender: Female
Parent: Diana
Abilities: Same as her mother Diana
Fairy or witch: Fairy, but I don't do the wings much.
Home planet: Tir Nag Og
Bio: Erica is good friends with Aurora's daughter Ava. She prefers to live in the forest of Tir Nag Og than being cooped up.
Backstory: Her dad walked out and left her and Diana when Erica was a baby. The warrior fairies helped her take care of the baby. She got her mother's powers when she turned fifteen years old.
Looks: See her civilian clothes and her tribal clothes.
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Can I rp as the daughter of Diana?

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Name:Princess Angel Rose
Nickname:Angel or Rose
Powers:Love,The beautiful Sun and Ice
Home Planet:Angelix

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why does everyone think am evil just because am icys kid does not mean am evil
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name winter
age 17
power snow and ice
parent icy 
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(Can someone roleplay with me?)
I closed my eyes and when I opened them a figure appeared. "WHO ARE YOU?!" I questioned them loudly.

Name: Nova
Age: 17
Gender: Female
What Are You: Fairy
Power(s): Stars
Personality: Very kind. But when people ask about her past she gets very emotional and might storm off or be in a bad mood for a bit.
Eye color: Hazel
Appearance: Nova has gold hair that is down. She has a yellow long sleeve shirt. Yellow-Orange Jeans. Gold colored tennis shoes.

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Uh h-hello. I'm new.

Name: Knucklette
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Specie: Fairy
Fairy of: Water
Family: Brother which is Marcos
Personality: Shy but a great friend once I get to know people.
Eye color: Light Brown
Skin color: Brown
Wings color: Blue and Sky Blue
Hair color: Navy blue with Magenta Highlights
Hair style: High ponytail
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It was the first day at Alfea for me.
Grizelda:Name,and planet.
Mila:M-Mila Storm.
Grizelda:Hmm....I'm keeping my eye on you,Storm.
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