Missing legend entry for the map of a noble estate?

On page 31 of the Traveler’s Guide, the room numbered 24 has no description on the map legend.

How do you all handle gear that's not on a character's sheets? Is it the crux of a legwork segment (presumably so if said gear is crucial to the job) or just a roll? Is there a rule I missed? Thanks!

Grey districts on the map in the Traveler's Guide: whose are they?

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Just a heads-up, I posted an update today to The Gunpowder Job, and also posted a revised version of The Canal Job to DriveThruRPG. You can get the latter here: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/222462/Dusk-City-Outlaws-Scenario-KS01-The-Canal-Job

Roleplay between jobs: Do you you do it?

One aspect of DCO that seems as if it may not mesh well is roleplaying when off the job. One the other hand, it might. What are your experiences with it?

So, when are we supposed to get our games? I'm eager to play this!

So, let's get this community hopping! :) Who's doing what with their game? How have jobs gone? Admittedly, I'm still reading the game and am absolutely loving the setting. I really like the subtle magics and how it's taboo to practice such arts. It reminds me of Outsider worship in Dishonored.

Speaking of Dishonored, has any thought about porting DCO to that setting? I'm playing Death of the Outsider and it's got me itching to play in thst world. A big thing I'm wondering is how well solo-play does. Has anyone done this and if so, could you please share the high and low points?

Is anyone running DCO online? I would very much love to play. :)

Rare character limit:

Do you like the rule?
Who honors it?
Who breaks it?
Does it smash balance and/or believability to have more than one?
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