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Please Note: This community takes place after the Battle of Hogwarts (The Wizarding War). This community is set in an AU world where "The cursed Child" never, EVER existed. However, the children of the main characters in the story that were introduced in the epilogue of the seventh book are CANNON and do exist in this AU

Welcome, young witches and wizards, to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! We are pleased to know that you have chosen our school to be your home for the majority of your magical education! Enjoy making your OC and Role-playing with others! Please ask a moderator before doing major things in this community.

We do hope that have loads of fun while you are here, but before you start role-playing, be sure to make a OC character based on the profile template below, or else your OC won't be approved and you can't rp!!!

Please do abide by the following rules. They are meant to help everyone have fun, not to hurt you!

ϟ Do NOT ask to be a mod.
ϟ Mods, please don't abuse your powers.
ϟ Do NOT start role playing until your character is approved!
ϟ Respect others, and don't be rude!
ϟ Only mild swearing is allowed, and of course, none can be directed towards another person unless if its inside an RP!
ϟ Do NOT post BAIT POSTS!! This means, no post can ask for re-shares or likes!
ϟ Characters MUST NOT be overpowered, must make some sense to the story, and CANNOT be perfect!
ϟ Do NOT kill or severely injure another character without asking the owner of said character first!
ϟ You cannot role play as any canon characters, but characters based off or inspired by characters of other fandoms are allowed
ϟ Characters can only have ONE special magical ability, apart from being a witch/wizard of course

As for students with special abilities, we have decided on the following limits. Only:

ϟ 4 metamorphmagus
ϟ 7 animagi
ϟ 5 werewolves
ϟ 2 Parselmouths

will be allowed into the school! It's first come first serve, so be swift! Also no one person can make more than one of each type of above special students. For instance, if you already made one metamorphmagus, you cannot make a second OC who is also a metamorphmagus.

A list of Harry Potter canon pureblood families in England is below. Please be aware that one pureblood family can't possibly have 50 children of the same generation going to Hogwarts. Please be sure not to make more than 7-14 purebloods from these families.

We will post a notice when the max number of special students or students of a canon pureblood lineage have been reached.

Student Allowance

Each OC student begins with 300 galleons added to their account. Every Friday, each OC will receive an allowance of 50 galleons. You can exchange galleons with other students but you must record your transactions at the bank so neither the giver or receiver gets into trouble!

We will not be using sickles and knuts in our currency, only galleons, so as to keep everything neat.

To make a Gringotts account, all you got to do is go to the Gringotts' bank tab. Make a post stating the name of the character and the amount of Galleons you have (which should be 300). Every time you buy something, you would make a new post.

Every Friday, each of your OC's receive 50 weekly Galleons.

You must make an account BEFORE the Friday that you get your weekly gold. You will not receive the gold for that week if you do not.

The Shops

Here at Hogwarts, we allow students in 3rd year and up to take up jobs in the various shops at Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. Each students get 5 galleons every Friday from every shop that they work in. In other words, if a student works at on shop, they get 5 extra galleons per week. If they work at two shops, they will get 10 extra galleons per week.

HOWEVER, Only a maximum of TEN students may work at each shop!! Your OC's job is to post items or pets, and/or suggest new ideas, in the the store category they work at.

For example, if Joe works at Flourish & Botts, his job is to suggest new ideas for books, spell lists, quills and ink. He should post pictures of these items along with a what he believes the price should be. However, it is up to the mods to decide whether the price is fair or should be changed.

How the Money System Works

Each character starts with 300 galleons, regardless of who it is. If you have two or more characters, then EACH has 150 galleons.

To buy an item or pet, first browse through the shops and see which one you want to buy and how much they cost. Then post in the Gringotts categorylike this:

Name of your character:
Starting amount of galleons:
Item you bought x how much of each item costed:
amount of galleons spent:
Net balance remaining:

Then a mod will verify if it is correct. An example would be:

Name: Medley Brimshot
Starting Amount: 150
Items bought:
Set of quills x4
Amount spent on items: 2 + 5 + (2x4) = 15
Ending amount: 85

When you update your account, and have more than one OC, DO NOT ADD UP ALL YOUR OCS' GOLD, DO IT SEPARATELY.


Lucy & Joe original amount: 600G
After weekly galleons added: 100G
New Total: 700G

Lucy's Original Amount: 300G
Weekly galleons: 50G
New total: 350G
Same for Joe



Original Amount: 300G
Weekly galleons: 50G
New Total: 350G

Original Amount: 300G
Weekly galleons: 50G
New Total: 350G

If you do not do this, your accounts will NOT be approved!!

Homework and Enrollment

To be able to participate in a class RP and to do the homework of that class, you must be both enrolled in that class and have all the materials needed for that class.

For example, to do the Potions homework, you must have bought the books, the cauldrons, the ingredient set, AND be enrolled in potions.

To enroll in a class, all you gotta do, is first go go the Class Enrollment tab. Then write the following:

Name of Character:
Name of Classes Enrolling In:

Then just wait for a mod or owner to approve it, and done.

Each week, each teacher will post ONE homework assignment at the top of the post

The format for giving homework will be in the comments so PLEASE READ THE COMMENTS!!!

Please ask what position as a teacher or staff you want to be before actually doing it, that way you can know if someone already did that character.

Sincerely, Headmaster Merle Ambrose

Post Script: If you have any questions or comments regarding anything in this post, please comment on this post:

+Harp Siofra Darkthrope

+Willow Tonks
+Chloe ღ
+The Potato Geek

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Name: Eileen Kemp
Starting Amount: 300 galleons

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Student Profile:

Name: Eileen Kemp
Age: 13
Year: 3
Gender: Female
Blood Status: Muggle-Born
School Status: Normal student
Abilities: N/A
House: Ravenclaw
Likes: Animals, Nature, Quiet areas with music
Dislikes: Rude people, Stressful situations, Stereotypes
Family: Sun, She never knew her father and was an only child
Boggart: A very disappointed mother
Patronus: Blackbird
Wand Wood: Holly
Wand Core: Dragon heart string
Wand Length: 12 In

Eileen oftentimes comes of as a very quiet and studious person that's only if you don't talk to her. As you begin to talk to her, she usually is really awkward in conversations because she never know what to say because she over-thinks how the person will react. As you begin to move more into her best friend circle, you will being to see the energetic and optimistic girl that lays within. She will being to open up to you more, and trust you with more of her secrets.


Eileen grew up in a secluded home in a small town in Korea, she grew up not knowing many people; Becoming introverted which naturally cause her to become quieter.

She grew up not knowing her father, and her mother being disappointed in her if she did something wrong in school. Causing her to have little friends, they'd invite her to social gatherings and she'd say she couldn't come because she had to 'study' but really that was her just not wanting t deal with the drama that came with having friends.

At school, she became the loner because all of her friends stopped talking to her eventually. Later during lunch she would go to her desk and there would be notes waiting for her, making fun of her. She eventually told her mom about this and her mother didn't really care. She snuck off on a plane to, somewhere. She didn't want to be at home anymore.

That's up to now really.

Either describe Appearance or Pictures below
+Chloe ღ

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Name:Lizzie Lupin
Blood Status:Halfblood
Normal Student
Is learning Occlemency
Likes:Care of Magical Creatures,Herbology
and old muggle movies.
Dislikes:History of Magic,Slytherin,and girly things.
Daughter of Teddy Lupin and a muggle she never met.
Boggart:Death Himself
Wand:Elm & Unicorn Hair,12 inches
Personality:Has some friends and overall friendly.
Biography:Tori was born in a muggle hospital.She never met her muggle mother and was raised by her wizard father Edward "Teddy" Lupin. She visited her uncle Harry every summer and was interested in his stories. In Tori's 4th year at Hogwarts, her father died by an unknown cause. She became very depressed and started dressing as a tomboy.She had her friends,but still felt lonely afterwards.She eventually fell in love with a Hufflepuff and they started dating.After her 4th year, she was focused on discovering what really happened to her parents.


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+Chloe ღ You asked for reshare so

"Thats not okay!"
((OC: MElody))
((TIme: Midday))
((Closed to +Chloe ღ))

Melody was hanging outside the school in her cat form. She was bathing in the sunlight outside the main entrance

Bad start. I dont care.

Open rp
Oc: Mal Gerin
Time: after classes
Place: Some place in the halls
Mal sat quietly and stared at the roof blankly. Her eyes were glassy and unmoving. She hadn't moved in over an hour

((OC: Willow))
((Time: After curfew))
((Place: Hhahahah))
((Closed to +Chloe ღ ))

Vanessa hadnt realized that it was past curfew, and had lost track of time. She realized suddenly, and hurried to get back to her dorm. On her way, she heard foot steps. In a panic, and ran into the closest room too her. She believed it to be a classroom, but found a closet. The footsteps where getting closer. SHe had no choice but to hide or get in trouble. She went in and shut the door to bump into another girl with bright blue hair and a illuminated wand. She

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((+Chloe ღ Just pic up where we were cause i cant either))
Closed to +Willow Tonks
I can reshare

Skylar came into the Gryffindor common room. She was dripping wet, and her hand was all bloody. She looked embarassed, tired, and sad at the same time as she sprinted into the bathroom.
She looked the door of the bathroom. A few banging sounds came from the bathroom.
Animated Photo

Anyone wanna rp?

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Student Profile:

Name: Alithia Ann Black


Year: 7th

Gender: Female

Blood Status: half-blood

School Status normal student

House: Gryffindor

Likes: Pranking

Dislikes:s Animagus-a dog
Girly things, evil,

Dad: Sirius Black(dead)
Mum: Rosa Johnson (Muggle, died after kyra was born)
Distantly related to the Malfoys and Blacks

Best Friend: Teddy Lupin

Boggart: Heights

Patronus: Grizzly bear

Wand Wood:Holly wood

Wand Core:Unicorn hair

Wand Length:11 inches

Personality:Funny, sarcastic, smart, rule breaker, rebel,kind, short tempered

Biography:(fair warning, I suck at bios' 😂) Kyra was the the daughter of Sirius

Appearance:black/dark brown hair

Pet: owl called Odwana
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