Always keep going never let negative ideas hold you back , your life with or without rumors affecting you, better to have positive spirit ,I know life is not easy, we are suffering from things happening now , and others in the past but still fresh in our memory . We are not perfect, to have 80% good side that covers the negative side of 20%.That what it's making a good person, try and retry sometimes getting you tired but please don't give up because the hope is there and all doors may open for you it's only question of time ????!!!! We spent long years together , family's , friends,neighbors ,without money, without tools, without lot of things we were happy ,having only something bring all the happiness, now when the doors wide open, things change , our relationship is getting cold and colder, what is showing it's only the leftover from our feelings. Family and friends are The symbol of love , security and faith , but things change the closer people to you ,without hesitation they are the ones who bleed your heart, acting strange, even all the obstacles, where you found the good plants the bad ones exist ,it's strong reason for don't ever give up. try and retry in your relationships with good intention .....

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what do you know about <3 "ISLAM" <3

Any time you feel not happy with any situation in your life ,think about The people we are seeing everyday in the news suffering either from nature disasters or human injustice ,,,too faraway people suffering from hunger ,cold ,really cold homes ,not even home ,death takes many members in each family because of cold , hunger ,the strong ones get use to situation ,are we suffering of these ??

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Happy New Year!
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