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I'm okay if I don't get one back!...Hi...Today is National "I LOVE YOU DAY" Send to 20 people you Love!! ❤(Just hold down, & it will say forward)!

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My Website I would like adsense placed on is:

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Hi. Are there any people in here who have managed to get Google adsense approved on their wix website?

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This list of video monetization platforms is different to any other because at AdNgin we have the publishers’ concerns in mind. We know that monetizing videos is one of those concerns. But a constant supply of quality video content is even more difficult. That’s why we included a few video monetization platforms that also provide contextualized content.

hey man is anyone out there! i need help with my addwords account?

Will at time I do not know what to post on my wall and Blogs so
I will start in the new year with this. Posy Happy new year and have a good one. Thank You all
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