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"Bir yerlerde gülümsemenizin hayalini kuran birileri vardır."

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Today, October 17, 2015, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Two days ago, it was informed that the number of the chinese billionaires surpassed the number of the American ones. Congratulations ! Capitalism under "communist party*.
The collapse of the socialist economies of the World, just before the 3rd World War, is part of the preparations for my mission of establishing the Socialist World State.
Think of a military Army in peace-time. No economic activities. But all the economic requirements of the personnel are met. The personnel do their jobs, under a military hierarchy. For instance, the job is to keep the missile-base active.
Now suppose a Humanity, with no direct economic activities. But all the economic requirements of the humans are met by a system of automation, and the job of the Humanity is to keep this system of automation active, under a civilian hierarchy.
That will be the socialist-economy of the New World.
The Humanity will be regular, like a civillian army.
Every couple will have a couple of children ( a boy and a girl).
Foursome-family, the siblings will be spouses of each other by birth.
Families of 12 humans (4+4+4) plus the very elderly.
Upper Families of 600 (12x5x10) plus the very elderly.
100.000 standard-cities for the whole of the Humanity.
"Fixed-population", in our journey to the "unknown" eternity-future.

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Neither the declaration of the People's Republic of China 66 years ago nor "capitalism" under the Communist Party of China today are in vain. They are parts of the preparations of the establishment of the Socialist World State by Turks, under the leadership of Yılmaz Gürol, as projected by the secret-world-state.

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Yesterday, on October 19, 2015, AKDOĞAN commented on the inaction-decision of PKK, and ERDOĞAN said "we will make the terror-organization [PKK] kneel down", 13 days before the elections.
What does it mean?
It means that, "yes, PKK ceased fire unilaterally, but we will continue our operations to finish PKK". And it is obvious PKK will not be finished within 13 days.
This situation will not increase the AKP votes in the election, but it will increase HDP votes, because, those Kurdish citizens who have not voted previously, for any reason, will absolutely go to the polls this time. AKP knows this.
After the election, AKP will form a coalition-government with HDP, saying the nation wants it so.
It will not be possible for AKP to form a coalition-government with any of the other remaining parties, CHP and MHP, once again, just as after the previous election.
The aim is AKP-HDP coalition, which will make the end of PKK.
The affairs of Yılmaz Gürol can not be started in the shadow of PKK, to establish the World State.
During PKK's inaction-time of around two years, June-7 (2015) election was held. HDP entered the parliament with 80 deputies. A coalition of AKP-HDP was possible, but would not get a justification from the nation in general.
So, PKK started again attacks, on July 20, 2015. Its "armed struggle". It continued until October-10, when it declared again "inaction".
More than 100 Turkish security personnel and more than 1000 PKK militants died during that time.
Now, after the new election, justification from the nation for a coalition of AKP-HDP is possible.
The two dates are not coincidence:
1) PKK started attacks July 20, 2015, on the same date that the first suicide-attack, which killed 38 people, by the label of ISIS, in SURUÇ.
2) PKK informed it would cease fire beginning from October 11, 2015, but after the second suicide-attack, which killed 99 people, by the label of ISIS, in ANKARA, on October-10, it declared the cease-fire on that same day.
The following news of Milliyet belongs to the date of October 9, 2015.

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Today October 18, 2015. Alaska Day. The theme of the festival this year is "Meet Me at Centennial". 100 years after the sale of Alaska, Air-War-School of Turkey changed its place. I share again my post of October 3, 2015. [The treaty of selling, on March 30, 1867. The ceremony of the take-over, on October 18, 1867.]
Russians would establish the Socialist World State. Firstly in Russia, Secondly expanding in the three old continents, and thirdly starting from Alaska, completing the unity of the World. But when love-mission was designed and (secretly) mounted on the 3-big-war plan, changes were made. The collapse of the "Socialism" was added, prior to the 3rd World War. It was decided that an illegal Turkish organization, under the leadership of a chosen Turk, would end the 3rd World War, using mass-destruction weapons, getting the administration of the World, and declaring the Socialist World State.
The sale of Alaska from Russians to the Americans, in 1867 is a sign for me by the mission-maker to let me know the change was made. 100 years later in 1967, Air-War-School of Turkey changed its place, from İzmir to İstanbul. As a cadet, my first year was in İzmir, and my second year was in İstanbul, before I became an officer of the Turkish Air Force, on August 31, 1968.
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the "reunification" of the two German States.
October 3, 2015.

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3rd World War will be started in the Korean Peninsula, but it will soon be a "total" non-nuclear war mainly between the USA and Russia.
- How do you know it Yılmaz?
- I know it, because of my sound mission-consciousness. 
I found out, in March 1986, in Çanakkale-Prison, that there is a secret-world-state. The two previous World Wars were its products. Its agenda was the 3rd World War. And its purpose was to establish the Socialist World State. It chose me to realize it. I was socialist since the age of 16. And then at the age of 38 (in 1986), I was in the prison. I had done the bank-robbery, after getting "green-light" from the Intelligence organization of Turkey. Everything fitted the idea I was chosen by birth, by the center of the secret-world-state (that is, "the mission-maker"). My life until then had been guided remote-controlly, by the mission-maker. The process continued until now. I am 68 years old now. And still waiting for the start.
Let's assume I was made the head of Turkey, by a military coup.
How can I establish the World State. It is impossible.
So it is obvious, my affairs will be started, through an "illegal" organization under my leadership, with the aim of first getting the administration of the World.  That is the states of the World. Number one the USA, number two Russia and the rest. The first two, by asymmetric nuclear attacks (explosions).
If all suddenly an atomic bomb explodes in the USA, (or one in the USA and one in Russia simultaneously,) and if a man, unknown until then, claims the responsibility and demands the unconditional surrender of the USA, (or both the USA and Russia,) it wouldn't fit the political process which the World has lived until then.
The appropriate idea is that the man to end non-nuclear total war between mainly the USA and Russia, by using nuclear explosions, and afterward establishing the World State. A man to "prevent" the escalation to reciprocal nuclear attacks of the USA and Russia.
The World will learn the man much before the nuclear explosions, because of his dispute with the Turkish State.
And the most appropriate place, now, to start the 3rd World War is the Korean Peninsula.

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51 years ago today, on October 16, 1964, China became the 4th nuclear-state, by exploding its first atomic bomb.
Agenda: the establishment of the World State by Turks, organized as an "illegal" parallel-state of Turkey, under the leadership of Yılmaz Gürol, as projected by the secret-world-state.
The 3rd World War will be started in Korean Peninsula and will soon become an all-out non-nuclear war mainly between the USA and Russia.
It will be ended with (2 plus 2) simultaneous nuclear explosions in both the USA and Russia, by the organization of "parallel-state" of Turkey.
When the USA and Russia surrender, unconditionally, to the "organization", their total nuclear arsenal will be the nuclear power of the "organization".
So with this power, the "organization" will demand unconditional surrenders of all the other nuclear-states. They will obey.
Then will come the declaration of the World State, in Ankara-Turkey.
Having all the nuclear arsenal of the World, it will be easy to annex all the other non-nuclear states to the World State.
Apart from the legal 193 states of the World, all the other armed terrorist organizations of the World will spontaneously be ended, because they are products of the secret-world-state.
What remans, in the World, will be the "security" problems with individuals, or groups of individuals. It will be easy to end them, by the "security forces of the world-state".
The immediate task of the World State will be, transforming the world-economy  to the socialist-economy.
Today, October-16, is also the World's Food Day.
Let there be food for everybody !...
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