[Not entirely tongue-in-cheek]
We need portal submission training (or education, since blocking access until approved is probably too hard to reprogram) for level 10 players. Could +NIA Ops email everyone who reaches level 10?

Things it should include: 1) Don't submit a duplicate of an existing portal with a better description, location or photo. If you haven't found and learned to use the portal edit system yet you shouldn't be submitting. (Ok, can you tell I've just had a whole raft of those in OPR?)
2) The portal acceptance criteria are [HERE] and the more specific portal guidelines which reviewers use are [HERE]. Learn them. Have them tattooed on your forearm. Check back regularly as they change (ok, that could make the tattoo bit problematic)
3) If your submission is 5 metres or less from an existing portal it won't get through. 10 metres it probably won't get through. If the existing portal is mislocated, yeah, that sucks. Submit a portal move. Challenge it when it's rejected.
4) If your portal submission gets rejected, try and figure (or ask here) WHY before repeating an identical submission, and do a better submission.
5) If submitting under "A HIDDEN GEM OR HYPER-LOCAL SPOT" you will probably need a description to support your assertion.
6) Descriptions which contain instructions to reviewers or which are an exact repetition of the title will probably earn downvotes.
7) CHECK THE LOCATION - it's based on where you long-press the screen, and portals which reviewers can't find or which are in the middle of a highway or in a river will get downvotes.
8) If you want a couch portal and you don't live next door to someplace notable, don't cheat, move house!
9) The entity is the portal, not the sign about it. Multiple signs NE multiple portals.

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+Ingress +NIA Ops +Niantic Project +Niantic +Andrew Krug is a five-star candidate a normal drinking fountain or does it refer to ornamentals fountains?
Thanks for your attention.

Examples of what I am referring to:
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Disagreements Value

+NIA Ops could you please add the number of "disagreements" that we have to the list of ratings?

The more people review portals the larger the bucket of "I don't know" it creates. We know Created, we know Rejected, and we know Total. But we don't know the number of incomplete reviews, and the number of reviews where we disagreed.

Now that OPR has been going for a while, I think it would greatly help the feedback for those people stuck in Poor, if they could tell between those two values. Surely the counter is easy to calculate/display, and it would clear up a lot of myths on what makes a great rating etc.

Then we would know whether we have a pile of incomplete reviews, and we should just keep reviewing, or whether people really do have 5000 disagreements.

+NIA Ops Could we please have a way to close off submissions where someone else's submission for the same portal has now (belatedly) been accepted, but ours is still in limbo? A few of these cropping up since the limbo-clearing operation has started.
Maybe it could be a means of withdrawing a submission, so that if you realise afterwards you've made an embarrassing mistake you can withdraw it, resubmit, and not risk the bad one being reviewed first and getting through.

Hello All,
After submitting a lot of portals that were in limbo forever (many still are) and evaluating a few thousands, i would like to leave a simple sugestion... please remove the ability to skip the avaluation of a portal and allow the possibility of knowing the reviewers and their evaluation for a specific portal on OPR. This would help detect and report fake accounts used for OPR as a weapon and also shred some light to why so many portals are kept in limbo.
Just an ideia +NIA Ops

Can we get some more documentation on the star ratings?

Right now if you click on the little info icon next to each category, you get fairly vague text. For example:

Is the title accurate? "Title & description should not contain inappropriate text. Description is not required."

The help text doesn't totally address the question. Presumably any inappropriate text is 1 star? Or does it depend on how inappropriate it is? But what does that mean for inaccurate titles? And should we also be rating descriptions using this category?

I'm imagining something like this:

1 star: title and description are completely unrelated to the portal
2 star: title and/or description describe the portal poorly
3 star: title is correct, but the description is misleading
4 star: title and/or description are correct but have added a fanciful flourish
5 star: title and description (if any) are exactly what someone familiar with the portal would call it

Since I came up with the above off the top of my head, I'm sure it could be improved. It also wouldn't eliminate all arguments. But it would be nice to have a clearer idea of what the intent is.

Credit where credit is due: the location popup help is pretty good.

It is only me or is there an offset between the number of agreements in the scanner and in the OPR site?
My scanner has always counted 16 more agreements than the site! Where they come from?

hola gente alguien es de argentina??

When did simple buildings on an academic campus become grounds for a portal?

The "Engineering II" building is not a point of interest. Any more than "Cell Block 5" is.

Portals pending - is there a problem
I have more or less every portal submission since April 12th pending right now (34 days).
Is there a general problem?
Is this the same for you?
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